Superbowl Party…. and more!

We have spent the day cleaning and pre-making some of the food.  I went shopping, cleaned the darned white tile floor and my last job is to make the Buffalo Wings tomorrow.  Becky is doing the rest!  Our menu has enlarged and so has our guest list. All I want is the game and ‘wings’!  So, the menu now is Buffalo Wings, Sloppy Joe’s, Spinach Dip in a carved-out Sourdough bread, Stuffed Jalepenos, Guacamole and chips, those little weiners and stuffed potato skins!!  Everyone had better show up!!  The grocery store was a madhouse but I got ‘er done!  Think we have enough food?  10 people coming!  And you are all invited!!


I read this in the newspaper today and it blew me away!!

Just amazing!! 

Mars rover Spirit encounters more age-related problems

Five years into a life expected to last 90 days, the rover failed to move after getting driving directions and didn’t record a day’s activities, NASA says. But it recovered and is back on the job.

By John Johnson Jr.
January 31, 2009

The long-lived Mars rover Spirit, already suffering from a gimpy wheel, has suffered a new round of aging problems in recent days, including a bout of what one NASA official called "amnesia."
John Callas, the rover program manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in La Cañada Flintridge, said Spirit reported last Sunday that it had received its driving directions for the day. But it had not moved.


"We’re investigating whether it’s the gyros or a camera problem," Callas said.
On Friday, JPL received the latest diagnostic data from Spirit’s Inertial Measurement Unit, a combination of gyroscopes and accelerometers that helps the vehicle know where it is.
According to Callas, the gyroscopes appear to be working fine. The accelerometers, however, showed an "offset," which he compared to a compass that is off true north by a few degrees.
Though that’s a problem, operators can correct for it.
The other trouble was even more of a surprise. It turned out that Spirit had failed to record last Sunday’s activities in its nonvolatile memory, which remains active even when other systems are shut down. Callas referred to the problem as a 90-minute bout with amnesia.
He said the various problems did not appear to be linked.
Sharon Laubach, chief of the team that writes and checks commands for Spirit and its twin, Opportunity, was also unsure what’s going on with the rover.
"We don’t have a good explanation yet for the way Spirit has been acting for the past few days," she said. "Our next steps will be diagnostic."
Among the range of possible explanations is that a well-aimed cosmic ray hit the electronics, giving a kind of shock to the system. Despite the name, cosmic rays are high-energy particles, usually protons, that are accelerated to high speeds by the sun, as well as cataclysms in deep space.
Whatever the cause, Spirit later recovered its memory and was back on the job. "Right now, Spirit is under normal sequence control, reporting good health and responsive to commands from the ground," Callas said.
When Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars in 2004, scientists were hoping to get 90 days of use from them. Instead, they’ve lasted five years, challenging the imagination of rover scientists to find new jobs for them.
"Is this an indicator the systems are wearing out?" Callas said, unwilling to speculate. "We can’t say."


And speaking of food and specifically Wings, I found this!

Over 200 Wings Carry Him To The Title

In a gut-busting display of championship eating, a man nicknamed Super Squibb has won Philadelphia’s Wing Bowl by downing 203 chicken wings in about 20 minutes.  For his efforts, 23-year-old John Squibb of Berlin, NJ. gets a car, a $7500 diamond ring and a crown of miniature chickens.  Richard "Not Rich" Razzi came in second by eating 180 wings. 

What a hoot!!!


Some of you complained that I left out a photo of my long-haired, miniature Dachshund Baxter yesterday but at 2PM he was still in bed!!!  So here goes!!

Easter 031

Isn’t he the handsomest boy??

Have a nice night and a SUPER Sunday!!!

PS   Yoday was the last day yo win Rascal Flatts and I didn’t.  So I’ll have to buy them because I AM going!!!!!

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11 Responses to Superbowl Party…. and more!

  1. Grandma's says:

    Yes he is the handsomest boy :)Only 10 people and all that food? I think not, a bunch of us are already on the road…heading your way. Look out Wings, here we come….although I doubt I will be able to eat 203 of them.Aww too bad you didn’t win tickets…but oh well, I’m sure whatever the price of tickets…the concert will be worth every penny.Have a Super Dooper Super Bowl Sunday.

  2. Beth says:

    He sure is handsome.The food sounds good except for the jalepenos. They tear my stomach up big time,Have a wonderful time all of you.Hugs,Beth

  3. renay says:

    he sure is handsome. the food sounds good

  4. Joe says:

    I wish I could come over in some speedos and watch the game with ya but I figure at that point I’d no longer be welcome in your house! Seriously Bob with the food and company at your place you might convert me to football watching LOL! I love the picture of your Dachshund…you know I like Dachshunds!

  5. Bridget says:

    Have a great time!! Enjoying a ‘heat wave’ around here this weekend… gotta take advantage of the warm temps. Catch ya soon

  6. CAROL says:

    HElllo you forgot the van load of us coming from all across the country.. hehe lets see we should be there about 3pm got some extra chairs?? Can we pitch tents on your patio?? Youforgot the drinks.. now you have to make another trip to the "madhouse" awwwwwww.. Poor Bob!! : D

  7. .. says:

    Amazing how much cooking and cleaning men do for SUPRER Sunday! he heAll your dogs are super cute!Wish you guys a wonderful evening!Have fun and take care.Alex x

  8. Sue says:

    Did you say Spinach dip in a Sourdough Bowl???? Boy, if I could jump in the car and be there soon, I would. LOVE THAT STUFF! But, I’d need my OWN bowl—I don’t share well when it comes to that stuff…

  9. Jude says:

    I will be spending Super Bowl Sunday alone with just Mr. Bond as company muahahahahaha. And I’m not gonna tell anyone when I get home, lest they come and find me before the game is over! LMAOHope your team wins 😉

  10. John says:

    Dang it we just chatted last night, and now you have added more food, but then again you knew that the wings alone would not be enough for just for me, so it is a good thing that you are adding more food for the other 10 people because i am two people, when it comes to some one else making food. (I hope nobody shows so you can send it to me…………LOLs!!!)WOW, How time flies, 13 more days and the Wife and I, will have been married for 21 years, yes we got married on Valentine’s Day!OK, I need to get to the airport if i am going to get to your house on time?…………………….UT HO, you never gave me your address? Hmm, now that i think about it?, I think you did this on purpose after i told you that i am two people…………LOLsJohn

  11. Laoch says:

    Steelers 28 Cardinals 13

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