Tax Time

Had our taxes done today and talk about painless!  About 3 times the refund we expected.  I go to the same little old guy every year!  Woody!!  Yeah… He posed!!  HAH!


He calls himself a ‘Pencil Man’ (#2 Ticonderoga’s) and is fast, accurate and funny!!  He always gets excited when a client gets a huge refund.  Between this and winning those Rascal Flatts tickets I am SO buying a bunch of lottery tickets on Saturday!!  Woody is ageless and I love the guy!!


Rain due here tomorrow through maybe Sunday!  YEA!!!!!  Also cooler temps.  Bring it on!!

Pretty funny song tonight by Lonestar.  Giving Rascal Flatts a breather!!  Hope you all had a wonderful Hump Day!

Today’s Funny!

Top Ten Signs The FedEx Guy Is In Love With You

10. You schedule a pickup — he shows up and says you have lovely eyes

9. Offers to take you out to dinner and have you home before 10am the next business day

8. He’s named his handcart after you

7. Tells you you look like you’ve lost a couple ounces

6. He had your tracking number tattooed above his heart

5. Badgers you to take a romantic getaway to the FedEx central processing plant in Memphis, Tennessee

4. Notice on door reads "Delivery attempted at 2:30, 2:34, 2:38, 2:42…"

3. Goes through roll of bubble wrap saying, "She loves me, she loves me not"

2. Mailman hands you an envelope, FedEx guy jumps out of bushes, shouting, "You slut!"

1. Claims to have a special "package" for you, but he’s not holding a box


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13 Responses to Tax Time

  1. Beth says:

    Hooray with getting your taxes done. I am still trying to get my stuff all together.

  2. CAROL says:

    YEP we are getting ours together too. Wish we could get a large return too.. does this mean you will be winning that LOTTERY there and taking us all to HAWAII??? YAY.. dang I will have to dig out the summer clothes! Hope you have a wonderful Thursday. PS the guy looks so nice.. does he know he was posing for your BLOG??? hheheh ; )

  3. KatSoup says:

    refund! WTF is that?

  4. Joe says:

    We finished our taxes today as well…hopefully it won’t take long…this year hasn’t been kind to us but at least the IEC will help some thank God. Blessings to you Bob.

  5. KatSoup says:

    You being KING of all things bloglike PUL-EEZE come back and tell me how to move an entire photo album. My Blog may be deleted on friday if I don’t fix it. I have been a baaad girl.

  6. Grandma's says:

    We’ve got until the end of April to do our taxes, thank goodness. Gotta do ours, my mom’s, and help our son with his as he has changed his trucking/crane company from a proprietorship to a limited company and of course, me being the tax lady of the house…me thinks I am going to have my hands full. UGH…better get started on those soon.Have an awesome Thursday.(((Hugs)))P.S. still waiting for a song.

  7. Sue says:

    Great that you’re getting a big refund! But I wouldn’t hold my breath for a refund from CA…maybe an IOU, though. Love the FedEx guy thing! He is great with us—he even brings doggie bones for Nikki!

  8. Jade says:

    the definition of a pencil pusher! his picture should be in the Wikipedia!

  9. ♥ Aimee says:

    that reminds me we have to get our done soon…wonder if it will change cause we have Jax? maybe more money back?♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

  10. Cin says:

    On the tax refund issue…my husband would say…not good getting a big refund, all that means is the government was able to use your money interest free for the year. I like to get money back from my taxes too…but my husband says the goal is to break

  11. Ms Noanie says:

    Love the FedEx facts! And where does your accountant work – I want to use him! I always end up paying!!! AND because I live in PA and work in DE, with DE income taxes being higher, I get a refund from DE which I then have to claim on the government taxes and pay on it again! That’s just wrong, wrong, wrong!!!! OK, I’m done my rant now.Be well. Peace

  12. Laoch says:

    what kind of music does rascall flats play?

  13. Georgia says:

    how funny that your tax guy posed for a picture for you! yay for getting your taxes done early and for getting back more than you expected! gotta love it when that happens!be great,j

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