Rain, Rainbows…. And A Critter On My Roof!

Still raining, even when the sun is shining and you know what that means….. Rainbows!!  We actually had thunder last night (GASP) and we never get that!!  Some of you have inquired about those Rain Chains so here is one of many sites that sell them. http://www.rainchains.com/index.html  But look around and you might them cheaper.  Oh, and get the copper ones.

I walked out this morning to get the newspapers and found this cutie on my roof!

Rain Chain 003

I nicknamed him/her ‘Torment’ because of my dogs!!  LOL!! 

I also saw a beautiful Beagle (no pic) walking and sniffing his way up and down the street.  I grabbed a leash so I could corral him and check his collar for a phone number but I only got that typical Beagle howl!!  Then a neighbor who I had never met (renter) walked up and claimed him.  Nice Guy!!  But they were moving out today….  I wish I had met them, and gotten a photo of that dog.

Rain Chain 004

The rain had taken a break and the sun came out leaving this steam coming off my roof.

Rain Chain 005

Just strange weather here!  More ‘weather’ due soon!!


This song tonight is probably my favorite all time so I hope you listen.  Talk about a message.  Jimmy Buffet.  Makes you think…..


As has been my habit lately, yet another Top 10 list.

Top Ten Signs Your Dog Will Not Win The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show

10. His toupee keeps falling off

9. Collar doubles as his medic alert bracelet

8. He’s made by Sony

7. Dog nearly obscured by cloud of fleas

6. At press conference, went crazy and bit off another dog’s ear

5. His bone structure would be considered outstanding if he were a cat

4. There’s no award for "Most Drool"

3. It looks suspiciously like a small child in a dog suit

2. His nickname is Tripod

1. Takes a dump 24/7

I really hope you are having a GREAT and HAPPY weekend!!

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15 Responses to Rain, Rainbows…. And A Critter On My Roof!

  1. Jude says:

    Well…considering rain is not all that common here on the prairies, I don’t think the rain chain would work, but I’d love to "hear" them at work, if you know what I mean? I’m assuming it’s kinda like wind chimes, but only with water? Then again, it’s too windy to have wind chimes here, sooooo LOLThat’s an interesting place to have a visitor….the ones around here just usually end up pooping on my deck…..and yes, I can tell the difference! LOLTake care 🙂

  2. Jade says:

    HAHAHA!!!!! Those were great!

  3. Beth says:

    Poor little kitty! I wish you could have rescued it.Hugs, Beth

  4. Babblelot says:

    Torment looks quite comfy on yer wet roof. Dogs mustah went nuts eh? I love Beagles. You never met them an now they’re moving? Well the new ones go introduce yerself. Always good to know yer neighbors.

  5. renay says:

    torment looked really comfortible. to bad that you didn’t to get to meet your neeeighobor before he moved.

  6. CAROL says:

    Glad you got soem rain finally.. Hope the drought will be over soon. Have a great SUnday. THE BUD SHOOT OUT was GREaaaaT!!: )

  7. Grandma's says:

    Any idea who the cutie on the roof belongs to?? If you need more rain….I will be only too happy to send you some.Love the top ten lists you have been posting…lately I seem to need a good laugh. Thanks Bob.Have a wonderful Sunday(((Hugs)))

  8. Rambling says:

    I hope that cutie got down and found her home. I know you don’t know but it’s a hope.I LOVED those reasons your dog won’t be in the Westminster Kennel club. All of them were new to me and FUNNY!Where in the world have you been? How’s Burt? Washed out by the rain?

  9. Stephen says:

    Bob -The top ten is pretty hilarious!!! But oh so true don’t ‘cha know. How do you notice things on your roof like you do, I never look at our roof unless our satellite signal is choppy and want to make sure it’s not covered with snow. Who knows how many cats have been up there and me not even notice. :PPeace -Stephen

  10. Lori BJ says:

    this is cute – got one for cats?

  11. Sue says:

    Missed the dog show on TV, but watched some of the Agility Trials—which are always a blast! Love the name you gave that cat (Torment) on your roof. He looks like he belongs to someone!

  12. .. says:

    orange county and no sun? ohhhhhhh such a pitty! even canada has some … heheheI always share so … SENT … feel the heat?THE DOG: thought we were best friends … just wait for my jokes on you! hm … calling me Tripod, you two legged thing!!!!have a fabulous week. alex x

  13. .. says:

    if it is so GOOOOOOOOOOOD, then let it be.for as long as you can take it!!!! but don’t come crying….. got sick and tired of swiming !!!!!!!!!!! LOLtake care! alex x

  14. Ms Noanie says:

    No rain here this weekend – just warmer temps and sunshine – loved it!"His toupee keeps falling off" – that cracked me up!Peace

  15. ♥ Aimee says:

    we had rain too…and the snow melted a bit…should be in for some more rain today!♥~♥ :oD because you shared a smile…someone’s day got brighter… :oD ♥~♥

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