Break Between Storms

Nice today!!  72F and sunny.  There’s a high pressure ridge that’s holding the next storm about 500 miles off the coast until Sunday.  So now it’s spinning around and picking up more moisture.  Oh goody!!  LOL!

Becky is returning today from 2 days in Las Vegas for an Oil Conference.  She has such a tough job!!  lol!  But seriously, it’s a long (6 hour) drive and this year her company put her in charge of running their booth and making the presentation.  Not much time to have fun there.

My neighbors just got back from a round of golf.  Question:  Why do golfers wear such horrible clothes??  Frustrated Rodeo Clowns??  Checkered pants are NOT cool!!

Other than that, the neighborhood is eerily quiet.  Remember Larry?  The Hunk handyman who looks like Randy Quaid?  He was due here yesterday to replace a skylight that was broken into.  Well, knowing him, he will show up in about 2 weeks.  Too busy surfing I guess.  I mean real surfing, as in the ocean!  He’s quite the character and brings his two Australian Shepherds to every job.  So on those day I have 5 dogs running around here!!  Luckily, they all get along.

I found a Joe Nichols song that may just be the saddest song EVER!!  He’s got a voice on him so check it out.  VERY sad!! 

23 days until the Rascal Flatts concert!!

I’m trying to visit you all and catch up today.

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10 Responses to Break Between Storms

  1. klaus says:

    Hello my friend, I hope that you have been well. 72F sounds like heaven at this moment.Have a great weekend Bob.~k

  2. Grandma's says:

    I’ve gotten behind on my blog visits. Sure would have been nice if one of your neighbor’s had captured you on film in your bathrobe, and ball cap…with water streaming down your face (sounds like the perfect Kodak moment).Larry the Handyman (a hunk??)…maybe his body…but if he looks like Randy Quaid…nah uh uh. Now Joe Nichols is a hunk (in my books anyway) and yes you are right that is a very very sad song. I came here to be cheered up Bob…instead you have me stealing away…blubbering like a baby 😦

  3. Cin says:

    I prefer Dennis Quaid. I loved him in <i>The Big Easy</i>. I hope the dogs are doing

  4. .. says:

    "Question: Why do golfers wear such horrible clothes??" Because they hit he woods just great, but they’re having a terrible time getting out of them. Therefore, all fringed and full of holes!JOKE: He was a smooth operator, and at the club’s annual dance he attached himself to the prettiest lady golfer in the room and was boasting to her. "You know, they’re all afraid to play me. What do you think my handicap is?" "Well, where do you want me to start ?" came the quick response. Have a smashing weekend. alex x

  5. Dana says:

    Hey Mr Bob! I’ve been a funk but now I’m over it. Spring is around the corner and I’ve got outside of this house, it does wonders to a mood! Thanks for the song by the way. Hey you have too many in your network! No wonder you don’t make the rounds like you use to! But how do you weed people? Yikes, it’s got to be bad karma I think. Have a great weekend! Rascall Flatts… oh you lucky dog!

  6. Laoch says:

    It sure would be hard to focus on work while in Viva!

  7. Sue says:

    My Nikki is mostly Australian Shepherd. Great dogs! Glad they all get around. Can you imagine the chaos if they DIDN’T??? Scary thought, huh. Know you’ll be glad when Becky gets back home safe and sound. They say we’ll get hit by a storm Sat. and Sunday this week. Right now, it looks like another sunny day in store—just wish it were warmer—its been in the chilly 50’s here.

  8. Beth says:

    I saw Joe Nichols in concert when he was touring with Alan Jackson. Pretty decent singer!Take care Bob!!Hugs,Beth

  9. Shelly says:

    72 and sunny EH? I can only dream of that. Hope your weekend is great and Becky makes it home safe and sound.take carettfn

  10. Greg says:

    Hi Bob…You all staying dry out there? Don’t you all need a lot of rain to fill up the reservoirs?Hottest thing going is the Lakers.Safe travels…Greg

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