Larry Returns…. And Monster Weeds!

My handyguy Larry returned yesterday and replaced my broken skylight that someone had tried to break into.  It’s ‘Purdy’ and even tinted. 

Weeds!!  UGH! 004

Sorry ladies but my camera was somewhere on I-5 on the way back from Vegas so no pics.  As always, his two ‘girls’ (Australian Shepherd dogs) jumped out of his truck and immediately took dumps on my front lawn. And of course, had to scratch up some grass!  HEY!!!  They are Great dogs but mine went crazy!!!   They all know each other but mine get jealous when the see me petting the ‘girls’!

Gardeners came today as usual.  After all of the recent rain I had a weed problem on my patio.  BIG weed problem!!!

Weeds!!  UGH! 001

I told Effren that I would spray them but he said "NO, I’ll do it!"

Weeds!!  UGH! 002

After!!  What a guy!!

Weeds!!  UGH! 003

Cloudy and cool today but I drove to the beach and got this!!  That’s an oil rig out there!

Puerto Vallarta 139

Having issues with this old computer tonight but I’ll try to post a song.  Just not sure which one.  I DO take requests!!

Hope your weekend is going well!

OK!  Jack Ingram, ‘That’s A Man’!!  GREAT new song!

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18 Responses to Larry Returns…. And Monster Weeds!

  1. Jude says:

    Do your gardeners/handymen travel to Canada? LMAOLovely sunset, absolutely lovely! 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    All I can say is WOW! He does a fabulous job! When he comes to Canada, I want him here please.

  3. Grandma's says:

    Well, if your guys do come to Canada….when they are done at Sue and Jude’s place they can come here. Oh and if you know any guys that want to take down my big cedar trees…they are more than welcome to them…great for cedar shingles. Great shot at the beach. Great Song too!!Have a wonderful Sunday, Bob.

  4. Beth says:

    I have first dibs on your guys so don’t be sending them to Canada.Hugs, Beth

  5. Dana says:

    Effren is amazing. He needs some kind of award or medal or something. Maybe a new hat. Where is Burt by the way, has he shown his snout around yet? I wished I lived so close to the beach I could just take a jaunt and go there. Now it will take me at least 10 hrs to get to the pacific ocean! Shoot!

  6. Fizz says:

    Great photo of the Ocean… when we go to Galveston we see Oil Rigs from the beach all the time. I try not to complain, that’s what pays my paycheck. It would be nice to not see them, for sure…I kinda liked the weeds! 😉

  7. .. says:

    Hard work doesn’t harm anyone, but I do not want to take any chances. I’ll just get my glass of red wine, relax and admire the sunset.GREAT JOB BOB – Gardening requires lots of water – most of it in the form of perspiration !!!Have a clean weekend. alex x

  8. CAROL says:

    WHAT a great job he did.. I would have sprayed them too I am afraid… such a great worker you have there.. My compliments to him. The SUNSET is gorgeous!!!!!! I love it!! On his way up north he can stop at my place course he will have to shovel snowto get to the ground right now!! LOL take care BOB.. : )

  9. Joe says:

    Nice pictures Bob, I don’t think our grass will be growing again for some time and beaches…well, let’s just say there’s not too many of those in these parts howeve I love to see yours…nice sunset!

  10. Kat says:

    Dude, you missed the photo op of the two dogs crappin’ on your lawn??*tsks* and *shakes* my head…

  11. Sue says:

    Yeah. I wanted pics of those two dogs too! I hope he was handy with the pooper scooper too. Wow, it’s really raining here right now…but I keep telling myself, we need it, we need it. Have a dry (inside) weekend and hope you’ll be taking more pics soon. You know, your camera completes you!

  12. BRIDGET says:

    Your gardeners are like magic! Also, awesome sunset picture…oil rig and all. We’re getting snow as I type…and I’m just praying that I don’t run out of propane tonight. I don’t usually forget to check the tanks, but I did this time and one of them is empty, the other is VERY low. I hope the 10% is actually accurate and it’s not actually lower than that! Yikes…New England bites!

  13. Jaysey says:

    I need some gardeners like that!

  14. Jody Lynn says:

    Hi,Gotta watch those skylights. Dont like them myself, they’re an invitation to try something like that.Whats happening in Orange County!Seeya,Jody

  15. Louise says:

    Ohhh that sunset is gorgeous Bob, how’s things, looks like you had a lovely valentines dinner, how much food lol. I’d be the size of a house if I had all that lot on a regular feed lmao. Would be lovely to sit on the beach to watch that go down I’m sure, bottle of Jack Daniels and a straw lmao.(((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx

  16. Sanjana says:

    Hi Bob……….Im back in Mumbai. just got home last night………but hey thats a nice sunset and the best part is that no matter which part of the world you live the sunsets are all glorious……..and thats some weed job your gardeners did Larry………..the entire week I was in Mumbai i had asked someoen to water the plants for me……….most of the plants did okie but six of my rose plants have gotten sick some fungus …………..and my Hydrantha shed too many leaves……………….she was one hefty girl and now shes thinned down well Im a little depressed about that………….I m really sad ab out it and spent some part of today trimmin gall the plants and giving them some tlc ( tender loving care) I just hope they get better sooon,………….

  17. sweeti's says:

    can u miss Effren for some time??he is doing a great jobHe Bob can u send u msg to Sanjana Shah….i cant get into her space.and she writes me and i cant reactplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzim on my knees nowa huggy for uand ur doggies dont need to be jealous…MJ

  18. Shelly says:

    What a beautiful sunset photo Bob! Thanks for sharing. The new song is great. Thanks for sharing. I would love to see a photo of the 2 dogs that come to visit. I know when the camera is there you will. Take care have a great week.

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