NEW Rascal Flatts Song!!


I heard this Rascal Flatts song on the radio this morning and yall know how much I like them.  They are the BEST!!  And I have their concert coming up soon.  19 days!  Anyhow, this is their latest ‘single’ but the CD won’t be out until April 7th.  It took awhile to find because it’s only been out a few days but I did and was able to download, upload and post it here.  So yall had better listen or I will have to hunt you down and force headphones on you!!  LOL!!  I’m thinking they will be playing this one at their concert!

Sadly, that’s all I have today!!  You know Mondays….  Clean up the kitchen from the weekend, laundry, trash day is tomorrow, etc.  Plus it rained a little.

I’ll be making the rounds tonight.  Bye now!

PS:  Sorry about the crackles and pops on the song but when the CD comes out, a new download will sound better.




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8 Responses to NEW Rascal Flatts Song!!

  1. Beth says:

    Enjoy Rascal Flatts song. what is the name of it??Hugs,Beth

  2. .. says:

    And what is the connection between you doing laundry and rain ???Blame it on the raaaaaain …. yeah, yeah, singing … (Milli Vanilli) heheheGood night to you !!! alex x

  3. Duckie says:

    With every goodbye you learn

  4. Sanjana says:

    HOping to catch you online today…………..not able to hear the Flatts song………………I wonder why??????

  5. Grandma's says:

    Yup, Monday’s suck!! My least favorite day of the week. Clean up, get the trash ready (our trash day is tomorrow as well), laundry.The one great thing about today was getting to listen to that new Rascal Flatts song. No doubt they will play it at their concert.Thank you for giving us a sneak preview.Have a great day tomorrow.~Karin~

  6. John says:

    Hello, I have a Song Request, It is called Were in Heaven by DJ Sammy, My Son said that the Navy made the Recruits listen to this song at least 3 times.I do know the Bryan Adams is the one with the original song, But my Son said that Sammy was singing the Song, and there was a little girl talking about the song, I Hope you have a clue at what i am asking, because i have NO CLUE………………….LOLsJohnPS. I am listening to the Were in Heaven by Bryan Adams right now!

  7. Sue says:

    Have a great day, Bob. Look forward to your visits always. Taken any good pics lately? I went out and took some daffodil pics, but haven’t gotten them out of the camera yet. These things take time…

  8. Twila says:

    Hey! Happy Birthday Baxter! Hope you had a grrrreat day and that Dad spoiled you rotten! 🙂 Just tell those other 2 troublemakers that their day will come. They just have to wait their turn!Good to see ya’ Bob! Beautiful sunset shot! I’m sooo jealous! Although we had a gorgeous sunset tonight. I’ll try to get the pic I got on my cell posted for ya’.Glad to see you got your skylight fixed. Who the hell would try to break in through a skylight anyway!? How DUMBBBB is that!?Have a great rest of the week!

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