My Trip To The Vet

I received a bill from our city telling me that Buzz’s dog license was expiring and he needed a rabies shot.  I thought it was curious because he just had a rabies shot in August but I decided to take him anyhow.


It was such a wonderful experience that I thought I would share it with you.

1.  Buzz was so excited, it took me 10 minutes to get his leash on.

2.  Took another 15 minutes to chase him down and get him in my SUV.

3.  Buzz was up and down, back and forth and just a total pain all the way there…. window licker!!

4.  When we got there he made a three foot jump out of my SUV, fell on his face and nearly took my finger off.

5.  Took an additional 10 minutes to get into the office while Buzz sniffed and peed on every spot where other dogs had peed.

6.  In the vet’s office he immediately peed on the floor!

7.  The receptionist pulled up his file and informed me that his last rabies shot was good until 2011 and the city only needed an updated certificate and she could have mailed me one! 

8.  Wrestled Buzz back into the SUV and went through that crazy routine on the way home.

9.  Got home.  Buzz took off after a cat!  Dragged him back and saw that the other two dogs were behind the gate going crazy waiting for him. 

10. After another 10 minutes of fending off the dogs, we were in the house.

11.  Paid the stinking $13 fee and mailed it.

All in all, a truly joyous time was had!  lol


Saw my homeless friend Billy today.  The one on the left.  I walked up with my camera and he again refused.  In fact, he jumped up, laid hands on me and threatened to smash my camera! lol!  He told me he would kick my butt if I wasn’t an OLD MAN!!  HAHAHA!!  He then raised his price for a photo to $150,000!!  When I came out of the store he had a bag on his head!!  Too funny!!  Anyhow, I did get this one while he was distracted.  Not very good but maybe someday I can catch him sleeping.

Billy 002


Good News!!!!  My Rascal Flatts tickets arrived!!!  Seats are 24 rows from the stage, so even closer than I thought!  15 days!!   I’ll play one of theirs tonight.  Since I got the tickets free, thinking Limo!!

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14 Responses to My Trip To The Vet

  1. Ms Noanie says:

    I always love coming to your blog – today’s music is just what I needed, but now I’m left wishing I could go to the local country western club to dance my butt off! Instead I have about 8 more hours of homework to do. Bah humbug!Great seats you got for your concert – lucky dog! I’m going to see Billy Joel and Elton John in August – I have no idea where our seats are – just glad to be going!Be well. Peace

  2. Jude says:

    Hehe, sounds like a day with my kids, to tell the truth! LOLI tell ya spring can’t come soon enough – if only so I can kick their butts outside and have a quiet evening to myself! (Btw, still talking about my kids here and not my dogs LMAO)Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  3. Lori BJ says:

    rename the puppers – call him WHIZ lol

  4. maillady says:

    Buzz looks too innocent to cause all those problems! You should have just told him you were taking a ride!

  5. Beth says:

    Poor Buzz, it is too bad he didn’t pee some more in that office. Why didn’t they tell you that in the beginning?

  6. Jaysey says:

    Where we live, our pets don’t have to be licensed…so we never have this problem. They just hope I’m a good enough pet parent/citizen to get my dogs’ shots.

  7. Joe says:

    What good news about the vaccination! Trips to the vet like that are nice now aren’t they? You’ve got your tickets and something to look forward to now…hope you have a great time!

  8. Babblelot says:

    To think a phone call could have saved you an Buzz the trip. It made me laugh and I thought you should get a carrier kennel. It works for me with my dogs. Lucky you to see Rascal Flatts…whoo hooo!

  9. Dana says:

    I was cracking up laughing over ths blog and shared it with hubby First of all… if I was a dog I would be a window licker. I once licked a window on the outside to a dog looking out from the inside when I was about 9 years old. Not really a bad sensation. So yeah, definetely I would be a window licker. I also pee when I get hepped up over stuff, I know not appealing but the truth. And Billy ROFL! Do you have a death wish? A bog over his head? That’s crazy funny.You always give me a good laugh.. damn I might have peed a little.

  10. Grandma's says:

    Sounds like you had a wonderful trip to the vet LOL. At least Buzz only peed. The last two dogs I had (now gone to doggie heaven) used to get so upset whenever we drove into the vets parking lot I had to physically wrestle them out of the car. Once inside the office their bowels would let loose. The dog I have now, Raydar, actually enjoys going to the vet…I think she is in love with the resident dog in the vets office LOL.Billy sounds like quite the character….a bag over his head LOL !! A Limo would be nice….but hey, for free tickets to see Rascal Flatts…I would settle for a bicycle.You and Becky have a wonderful weekend Bob.(((Hugs)))P.S. Once I get my new computer I will start putting some of the songs you have been sending me on my Blog. Sorry our conversation got cut short last night….darn computer all of a sudden decided it didn’t want to chat anymore… I had to reboot her just so I could say goodnight…GRRR!! Oops I better be careful what I write….the old gal might just have another hissy fit and shut down on me.

  11. Sue says:

    Ah, another trip to the Vet’s. Well said. Hate taking the cats—they howl all the way there and are relatively quiet on the ride home. Nikki is another thing. She doesn’t like to ride—throws up a the toss of a hat—so I have to put towels down in the back and make her stay there. If she rides up front with me, she’ll try to be on my lap and I won’t be able to steer or see. That never works. But once out of the car, she is an angel—a shaking angel, but so good. I just got a card saying she needed her shots again too…

  12. CAROL says:

    Is there any floor in any vets office that isn’t a mess because of scared animals.. what a job the techs have.yeeech.. Glad nothing had to be done but sad Buzz had a bad day because of it. take care : )

  13. John says:

    Now this was a Funny Blog, and it brought back memories of my Black Lab that is in Doggy Heaven, When my Dog would get there (Vet) he would not pee, because for some reason he could not walk on the Floor, (Same floor at home) and that was funny, because it was like watching a Dog on Ice, i just pulled him right along, and of coarse he slid right a long.Hmm, No Music today?JohnPS. I Hope that you have a Grand time at the show!

  14. BRIDGET says:

    Glad to see that I’m not the only one to have horrible vet trips! Only, mine seem to be WAY more expensive. The last one two months ago being almost $800. I’ll trade you the $13 any day! Ah the things we do for our pets! So jealous of the Rascal Flatts concert, by the way. Have fun!

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