Dagnabbit!!! X2!

I had sort of a rough weekend and beginning of the week.  Not really a big deal, but….. :
Dagnabbit #1
I’ve lost my music for the next eight days.  Apparently I used up my monthly allotment (100GB) and can’t download or play music on my space.  I guess I went a little wild to use up 100GB!  Dagnabbit!!
Dagnabbit #2
On Friday night I rolled over in my sleep and fell out of bed, hitting the nightstand on the way down. Tore off several layers of skin from the back of my right armm(6" x 2").  Of course it HAD to be my right arm!  It bled and hurt like the dickens all weekend but I’ve been taking care of it and it’s doing better today.   Then I went to Albertsons!!!!!  I was standing in the checkout line behind a little, 90+ lady.  She was having trouble getting some items out of her cart so I unloaded it for her.  She said, "Well, aren’t you just a sweetie" and GRABBED MY SORE ARM!!!!  I about went to my knees and she turned to the cashier and said, "Awww!  He has tears in his eyes!!  Such a nice young (?) man!!"  She started back towards my arm and I used my cart to block her!  LOL!!!
So in eight days I should be healed and I WILL have my music back. 
Have a Greaat rest of the week!!
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19 Responses to Dagnabbit!!! X2!

  1. Jude says:

    Holy crap!! Who’s your file host for your music? That’s a lot of space to use up when the month is only 3 days old……As for the other one….seems like you’re an accident waiting to happen, hey? hehe Hope you’re feeling better soon! 🙂

  2. .. says:

    ) If you lost your music … well … sorry … BUT YOU ARE DEAD!!! If your music cannot play now … that means that when I am on your space … I HAVE ROOM TO SING !!!!!!!! YEY!!!!!!!!!! hehehe … hope you sort it out soon.2) Sorry for the "accident" … ps,ps … does it happen often … ladies to "grab" you at the stores? You see … you’re too handsome (or handsore) to go unnoticed … heheheHope you get musical and better SOON!!! TAKE CARE. alex

  3. Dana says:

    Is your nightstand made with razor blades egad!!! Maybe you need those rubber baby bedstand bumpers. Those old ladies… they look all innocent but they can be evil, protect those body parts from now on at Albertsons. Music, or no music.. still love your blogs. Get well… and oh yeah… NEOSPORIN!

  4. Beth says:

    Oh you poor sweetheart. I know what it is to hurt your arm, remember my bathroom mirror fell on my arm at Christmastime. Sorry you can’t play music for a few days.Hugs,Beth

  5. maillady says:

    Maybe you need bumper pads, Ha ha. At least move that night stand. Tee hee. Stay away from littlteold ladies!

  6. Bridget says:

    hope the rest of the week goes better 😉 you are such a nice YOUNG man! remember its all in your attitude…did I ever tell you I have an aunt who’s 103? she’s still got alot of gumption left, lol… just don’t get her started talking politics!! **big hugs**… its a good night… you didn’t get the typo of bug hugs 😀

  7. Grandma's says:

    That’s what happens when I go AWOL for a few days….you have all these dagnabbit things happen to you….Poor Baby Anyway…I’m back….my computer finally crapped out on me….son brought the new one tonight. Still have to figure things out though….like how to get the messenger set up so I can chat and not just check my E-mail…etc. etc. Also have to add a music player and a bunch of other stuff so it will be a few days yet…while I figure everything out. Thought I had better check in so you don’t forget me.Take care of that arm Bob(((Warm Healing Hugs)))~Karin~

  8. John says:

    Did you know that More People get hurt falling out of bed then any other way, if you did not know this, Now you do!JohnPS. I hope you get what i wrote, because i dont……………………………LOLs

  9. Shelly says:

    I’m sorry you are having such a rough week. Falling out of bed? Not used to having company in there (since the bride travels so much?)?You are a sweetie. Hope your week is better from here on out and you heal fast. xoxox

  10. Twila says:

    OWIE! Did that make you wanna’ SLAP the old lady!? I know, she didn’t know…but that had to hurt! Hope you have a better weekend coming up.One plus to no music? You page loads a bit faster. You should check out http://www.playlist.com. It’s completely free and there’s not limits. You can even add your own music to your playlists. And so far, I haven’t found anything wrong with it. No spyware, malware or anything. Makes me wonder why it’s so free. Anyway, worth checking on. They make it easy to add their player to your Space. You just have to copy their code into a Spaces HTML custom box & save it.Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. Sue says:

    But you ARE such a "nice young man", so grin and bear it big guy! Sorry about the arm injury. Just what WERE you dreaming that made you fall out of bed??? Say, why don’t you delete the music you’ve already played to make room for more??? That’s what I have to do from time to time. Hey, do they make seatbelts for beds???

  12. CAROL says:

    Sue is right.. what the heck were you dreaming about to fall off the bed??? I bet you dont remember. LOL Hope you heal up fast.Take care : )

  13. Twila says:

    Bob~Glad you stopped by! Oh MAN! Why didn’t you tell me! Ah but alas, unless you’d take my Kohl’s card, I couldn’t have paid your asking price without making $10/wk payments! 🙂 And so it goes….first my money then my clothes!? OOPS! But HEY! Here’s an idea. Sell your second one on eBay! They retail for $500 or more. You surely could get at least $350 – $400 for it! If ya’ do, I get a cut for suggesting it! 🙂 Always trying to make a buck.Glad to hear your systems are functioning much better. I’ve used Reg Defense before. It seems to be pretty good. But we pretty much stick with Registry Cleaner from Software Online. It’s about time you got smart and dumped ZA! It’s really turned into a piece of crap over the last few years.BTW, watch your Inbox. I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

  14. John says:

    Apparently You are not the only one that can not Play Music, My Son and a Few other of My friends sites say they used up there 100GB space, So i am sure that this is something new, and they will try to find a way to charge us more Money to share this!John

  15. Grandma's says:

    Hi Bob…this old illiterate computer granny has a few questions…first off…my media player is not playing any music…it says I have exceeded my bandwidth…what does that mean? Secondly..how the heck to I get the chat thingee back on my Messenger.I’m having one heck of a time trying to figure out how to redo some of the things on my computer…kids are too busy to help right now. As for what kind of computer it is….darned if I know…son had it custom built. Hope your arm is healing up well…..not many more days left to your Rascal Flatts concert…you lucky guy.

  16. BRIDGET says:

    Yikes! Hope your arm feel better soon! But look at the bright side…you were referred to as "young"…and that always brightens any day (at least it does for me…I LOVE getting carded for alcohol. That makes me feel young).

  17. Jaysey says:

    Ouch! Hope your arm feels better soon!

  18. artsylady says:

    You are truly entertaining. Thanks! The newspaper article has much meaning. I hope your arm is better soon and it doesn’t affect your blogging. Happy dreams next time.

  19. Jen says:

    Typical, innit! People always go for the bits that hurt the most. People always come up to me and pat me on the back, right on my spine, where it hurts. Apart from screaming, it makes me want to wear a steel fence around me. Hope you get well soon.

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