Bits And Pieces

The weather here is absolutely gorgeous today!!  75F, not a cloud in the sky and a nice onshore breeze.  Perfect!!  And Spring is still two days away!  I’m sure that most of you can’t wait but I’m thinking it’s gonna be a really hot Summer with lots of mosquitoes. 

Our niece Kate has been here all week.  She’s a school teacher in Phoenix and she has really matured.  It’s been a pleasure , but then again it always is.  Oh, and by the way, she had use of the 350Z all week!! She leaves on Friday.

Ok, I know I promised, but two more Rascal Flatts items.  Their latest single is ‘Here Comes Goodbye’ which I love (and I will put on my space today)!!  It’s been on the radio, they played it at their concert, I saw the music video for the first time today on GAC (Great American Country), it’s already in the top ten on the country charts and number 30 something on Billboard.  But the weird thing is, the CD doesn’t even come out for 3 WEEKS!!  Of course, I’ve already pre-bought it!  lol!  It WILL be their next #1.  So Listen!!  I’m told you have to come here to my main page to hear music.

Last bit…..  Jessica Simpson opened for them at the concert and tried to sing 3 songs.  But she was booed off the stage when she couldn’t remember the words to 2 of them!!  WTH??  I guess she should have had her sister teach her how to lip-sync!!

Take care yall!!  Spring and the weekend SOON!!!

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9 Responses to Bits And Pieces

  1. Jude says:

    You shush about the weather, will ya??? It was -32C with the windchill this morning, ffs!!!!! I’m anticipating spring will come…in about June!Hope you’re doing well and staying out of trouble! 😉

  2. .. says:

    Yeah, really you have perfect weather there !!! I am happy for you guys! BUT … we had ~ 50F and it’s getting better !!! Hehehehe(Jude !!!! -32C, what on earth is that? what’s happening!!?? please take care!!!!).Uhhh Rascal Flatts – really let no goodbye come! Not a "goodbye" fan … but the song is great!!!JS – is she still singing? Duh … forgot the words? Pretty face, great body … BUT BLONDE … LOLTake good care of you and have an excellent day. Alex x

  3. Jude says:

    hehe Alex, that’s not even the coldest it got here this winter! My question is – what the hell am I still doing living here?? LOL

  4. Shelly says:

    Past couple of days were warm enough to shut down the furnace and air out the house. Today it’s 30 again. Take care darlin! xoxo

  5. Sue says:

    I’m surprised she DIDN’T lip sync! Glad you are having a good visit with your niece. Sure she enjoys the warm weather! We will be down near your neck of the woods this weekend, as we are going to visit son#1, S, in San Diego. Will wave and wahoo you from the car on our way past!

  6. Beth says:

    Bob, I knew you couldn’t stop talking about Rascal Flatts. LOLHave a great day!Hugs,Beth

  7. Joe says:

    Me-thinks Jessica Simpson has about as many problems as a person could ever ask for. These confused and ditzy people need focus more than money I’d say. Why am I not suprised that you’ve returned to you familiar haunts with Rascal Flatts? I stand in total awe of weather like that…we are lucky to hit the mid-sixties sitll here but I know better days are on the way…first day of spring tomorrow…not a thing in the world wrong with that!

  8. maillady says:

    Hah! I didn’t know she still sang! Bet she still got paid! Been warm here this week, keep sending it my way! BTW, the concert pics were very good!

  9. Grandma's says:

    I’m not surprised Jessica got booed off the stage.Still on your Rascal Flatts high…can’t blame you…I would be too!!I am sooo looking forward to Spring…but I doubt the spring-like weather will start for us just yet. The temps are rising, but every so often we get wind, hail, and yes, even the occasional snowflakes….and lots and lots of rain!! Sure am looking forward to shutting down my furnace and turning off the gas fireplace, though….the heating bills are killing us.Take care my friend….and thank you for the songs, I really appreciate them.(((Hugs)))~Karin~

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