A Violent Sunday In California

TGIM (Thank God it’s Monday)

Mournful calm follows Oakland firestorm

It was early Saturday afternoon, and Curtis Mixon was talking with his 26-year-old nephew. Lovelle Shawn Mixon had called on a cellphone from his newly purchased 1995 Buick as he drove through east Oakland.

"Vel said the police was pulling him over," the 38-year-old medical records clerk recalled Sunday. "He said, ‘I just pulled over.’ " 

The uncle listened as his nephew — stopped on MacArthur Boulevard less than two blocks from a police station and around the corner from his sister’s apartment — spoke with a motorcycle officer and searched for his driver’s license and registration.

Mixon told his uncle he would have to call him back.

He never did.

What followed was an almost inexplicable chain of events that left Mixon and four Oakland police officers dead and sent this city into an all-too-familiar ritual of municipal grief and self-examination.

According to authorities and witnesses, Mixon opened fire as two motorcycle officers stood behind his car, apparently checking his papers. He had been released from prison in November and was wanted for an alleged parole violation.

Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, died despite a citizen’s efforts to revive him.

Officer John Hege, 41, was taken to Highland Hospital, where he was declared brain-dead Sunday.

John R. Hege’s father, John S. Hege, said in a telephone interview later Sunday that his son, a former Eagle Scout and high school physical education teacher, loved being a police officer.

"He wanted to be an Oakland policeman. I think that’s what he most wanted to do," Hege said.


 Two paramedis embrace after delivering  the memorial to the four slain police offivers.

Mixon, according to authorities, had a long criminal history. In addition to a conviction for assault with a deadly weapon, he had earlier convictions for marijuana possession, auto theft and a string of violations committed as a juvenile, Thomason said.

He had served nine months in prison for identity theft, forgery and grand theft before being released in November. According to state prison officials, Mixon missed a mandatory meeting with his agent last month and was deemed a "parolee at large." A warrant was issued for his arrest.

San Diego officers shot and killed a 50-year-old man who lunged at them with a 10-inch knife after his wife had made a panicky call to police for help, authorities said Friday.

Willard Anthony Bradley stabbed a police dog before advancing on officers, police said. Bradley was pronounced dead at the scene.

His 50-year-old wife, whose name was not disclosed, was found dead in the living room of their home in the Paradise Hills neighborhood.

The police dog, an 8-year-old German shepherd named Earp, was rushed to a veterinary clinic, bleeding profusely from deep wounds in his neck.

The incident began when a woman called police saying that her husband had a knife and was threatening suicide. When police arrived, the man announced that he had killed his wife and planned to kill the police, according to Lt. Terry McManus of the department’s homicide unit.

A motive for the attack on the woman has not been determined, police said.

Police Chief Bill Lansdowne was at the clinic as the police dog underwent emergency surgery. The dog was within weeks of being retired from the K-9 corps.

"It was close there, but he’s going to make it," Lansdowne said. "I’m going to give him a medal."

Veterinarian Rob Tugend said Earp was near death when he arrived at the clinic in the back of a police car with its lights flashing and siren blaring.

"He was pretty far gone, a couple more minutes and we’d have lost him," said Tugend, who is the Police Department’s veterinarian and has treated Earp during his years with the department.

Transfusions provided blood and fluids to the dog while the blood vessel was stitched up and the bleeding finally stemmed, Tugend said.

About eight hours after surgery, Earp was released to his handler, Sgt. Jeff Havin. A follow-up visit is planned for today, Tugend said.

 And finally…..
Suspect in deaths of two gas company workers shoots himself
It started Tuesday night when a technician for the Southern California Gas Co. was fatally shot outside the company’s Anaheim office.

The next day, a second gas company employee was gunned down outside his Pomona home as he was preparing to leave for work.

On Thursday, the alleged gunman in both shootings drove to the Anaheim Police Department, parked and shot himself in the head, police said. Detectives are now trying to sort out what happened and what the motive might be for the violence.

"We don’t know what he was thinking," said Sgt. Tim Schmidt, adding that detectives believe the man could have been planning to harm additional Southern California Gas employees. "We were shocked."

Phong Thuc Tran, 36, of Fountain Valley was found with a gunshot wound to the head about 1:30 a.m. Thursday after an officer driving by spotted Tran’s silver Toyota RAV4, Schmidt said.

"The officer saw that the window on the driver’s side had been blown out," Schmidt said.

Tran was taken by ambulance to UCI Medical Center, where he was said to be alive "but was not expected to survive," Schmidt said.

Three handguns were recovered inside the vehicle, but police had not determined which, if any, were used in the attacks.

I have GOT to move to another state!!!!
Yet more Rascal Flatts tonight….




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13 Responses to A Violent Sunday In California

  1. Grandma's says:

    Wow…extremely violent day. We started out year off bad up here too…gang warfare. Since early February there have been 30 gang-related deaths withing a 60 mile radius of us…all young punks shooting at each other. Sadly a few innocent victims have been caught in the crossfire. It seems no matter where you go…there is violence. I say put ’em all in uniform and send them to Iraq…let them take their frustrations out on terrorists…and then leave ’em there. One of the shootings was really close to my mom’s place and another happened in broad daylight at a shopping mall. A car with a mom and a little kid was hit…fortunately in that case nobody was hurt. One shooting took the life of a gangster’s wife…sadly their little 4 year old was in the car…he was traumatized but otherwise unhurt…he is now in the hands of Child Services. Every day something is happening. I feel as you do…time to move…but where??

  2. Beth says:

    My gosh Bob. You need to move your wife and critters here to the corn fields. The most pressing thing we have to worry about here are the meth makers stealing ammonia from the farmers.Stay safe, you hear me!Hugs,Beth

  3. Jude says:

    Holy cow! I’d read about the Oakland one, but not the others…..kinda makes you wonder what kind of world we live in, hey?Hope you’re doing well and I enjoyed my movie yesterday afternoon – it was blissfully quiet here!Take care 🙂

  4. Babblelot says:

    Sure sounds violent there. Batton the hatches Bob and be safe!

  5. .. says:

    Yeah, you guys have to move!!!!!! AND FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Canada is a safer country !!! I’ll be waiting at the airport if you guys decide Toronto !!! I know it is no jokes time but I cannot help myself saying this … IT IS TOO HOT THERE !!! That’s why people are so heated up !!!Take god care, eh? Alex xxx

  6. Dana says:

    I think something needs to be put in the water down there. We get news from Spokane Washington and I can’t say it’s any better. Every night there’s some kind of killing or shooting. I’m happy to be living in my little treed corner in menonite country where there hasn’t been a major crime committed in over 10 years. Our hearts and prayers go out to those families effected by those killings.

  7. Joe says:

    Man, that’s a lot of tragedy…did you notice that the tragic plane crash here in Montan was filled with people from SoCal? What in the world? I’d be hard pressed to leave the warmth of the weather but I could surely do without the violence. Maybe you need to move over here man, seriously…you can even bring your country music LOL!

  8. Mr. Charlee Preston says:

    😦 just went to go for a walk and it started raining! so unfair!!!!woof, how are you?

  9. Rambling says:

    If you move to Montana where Joe is, and being the Country music, then I will move to the other side of town where I don’t have to hear it. 🙂

  10. Sue says:

    Yeah, that’s pretty depressing. But you have to remember what a BIG state this is: so many people and so much space. Montana is nice, but they have their share of crime too. Remember when the unibomber was in the news so much? And what about that plane crash in Butte just yesterday (of course even tho it wasn’t a violent crime, it was pretty terrible)? Hope you visit my blog and see about my trip to San Diego.

  11. Shelly says:

    It does suck to hear all of that. I’m sorry you are going though that. We too seem to be suffering with tragic losses in our state. I’m hoping this is not a sign of the times and it will only get worse with this downturn in the economy. Stay well my friend and let your feet and heart dance to the music! xoxox

  12. writingmomma says:

    It is so tragic and sad that our nation is experiencing so much violence. We need to truly pray for our country and its citizens. The evil of this present time has grown worse. We must come together and pray for the healing of our nation. When 9-11 took place, everyone wanted to pray. Well, prayer must continue. On 03-25-09 @ 12:00 p.m. I am asking that everyone join me in praying for America. We are watching our protectors die at alarming rates. We are watching our children be murdered, raped and abused at alarming rates. Husbands are killing their families, and our government needs help. Please, please people, come together in a day of prayer for our suffering nation. My prayers also go out to the families of these recent tragedies. These men were the ones that were to protect and serve. Now, we must be of service to them and pray! And for those that don’t believe prayer changes things, let me tell you this. Our country has not been hit with a terror attack since 9-11. Don’t think that it is just because we have a military force. We also have a very strong spirit base here in this country. We are one the strongest country in the world, because we have a powerful God that watches over us. IN GOD WE TRUST!

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