Good Eats!!

 I didn’t make it to the Flea Market/Swap Meet today.  So no pics.  She really needs to wake me up earlier than 15 minutes before she is ready to leave.  But she got some great bargains!  This place has four Farmer’s Markets so she bought bunches of veggies,  so tonight is ‘meatless night’!  and it was GREAT!!  We invited two friends over and ate it all!
First there was a a Brussel Sprout salad using only the leaves. Dried Blueberries and Cranberries along with a mustard vingarette dressing and Manchego cheese topped it off.
Then the main course!  Asparagus and Shatiki mushroom torts with Gruyere cheese that were sooo good!!  The base is Fila!  Better than pizza!
Then dessert!!  A berry tort on Creme Fraiche.  SOOOO Good!!  Sorry…. NO leftovers! we ate it ALL!!!  
This dinner was an experiment  but we gave her a 9.5!!!  If you want, I’ll post the recipes.  It really was good!!!!
Hope you are havin a great weekend!
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13 Responses to Good Eats!!

  1. .. says:

    Oh my!!!!!!!!! This looks soooooooooooooo good! I am really jealous …. but honestly, happy for you guys. It sounds like a happy, yummy day!!! Good on ya! 9.5??????????? That’s a +10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1Have an excellent weekend! Alex xxx

  2. Lori BJ says:


  3. Grandma's says:

    WHAT…..NO DESSERT LEFT OVER !!! *Sigh* Guess you better give me the recipe then.I’ll have to pass on the Salad….never did like Brussel Sprouts. The main course looks absolutely delicious…but again, I will have to pass….Mushrooms are a No No for my gut, but golly gee it sure does look mouth watering.

  4. Rambling says:

    I LOVE Brussels srouts in any form. I would love to have bellied up to the table– except for the mushies..which I will ever call mush haits!

  5. Jade says:

    ok, that salad sounds very weird- Inventive, but weird :)I am all for a meatless night & it all looks fantastic!

  6. Sue says:

    How dare you show all those lushious pics and then say, you ate it all! Hey, we want the leftovers! You make sure you make more next time!!! My hubby is getting into growing mushrooms and has set up several patches of shitakes, so soon we’ll be in the money with those. Maybe you’d like some really fresh ones!!! Love to get your recipe for the torts–especially the mushroom/asparagus one! Looks magnificent…oh, and we all expect some at the beach too—so bring it on, BOB!!!

  7. Beth says:

    It all looks delicious!!!!Hugs,Beth

  8. Joe says:

    Excellent my friend! Now, where’s my sampler?

  9. klaus says:

    very good food my friend. sorry that i have not caught up much on your blog lately, i read this one today, and my mouth water from the pictures. have a great weekend :-)k~

  10. Twila says:

    Oh boy! Dinner’s served! Oh but wait. I’m too late! DAGNABBIT! Better luck next time. But Bob…yes we want the recipes! We’re always looking for something different, good tasting and still healthy. Adding that ‘healthy’ requirement kinda’ takes the ‘good tasting’ requirement out of the equation. So anytime you find something that’s healthy AND good tasting, please pass on the recipe.Hope you have a great Sunday! I’m staying inside! Blizzarding outside! Heavy wet snow and LOTS of wind! ICK!

  11. maillady says:

    If this tastes as good as it looks there should be nothing left! My, my, you are a little more adventureous with your ingredients tha I am. But, then again, you have all that fresh and available in Calif. I must look awfully strange, green with envy and tongue out drooling! HAhaha.

  12. Kat says:


  13. Dana says:

    Wow yummy, how did I miss this post? I should have been able to smell it! I’m kinda at the end of my creative food cooking period of my life, a nice way of putting it anyway. Every once in a while I pull out something good but it seems your wife knows no bounds when it comes to innovative and gorgeous recipes. Where does she get all of these?

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