Hi! This Is Baxter!


And I’m a little sick and tired about my dad going on and on about how cute Bonnie is!  Sure, she got that awful hair removed from her stupid little short ears but what about about mine??  My ears drag on the ground and he does nothing!  I feel like Dumbo!!  I could fly if I wasn’t so lazy!!!

Baxter Ears 003 


And another thing….  What’s with Buzz??  Just because he is the biggest, he thinks he owns this place!  Heck!  When I crawl under him and start biting, he yelps and runs off like a little girl!  He’s always trying to steal MY toys! 

baxterbuzz 001

Well I fixed him!  Notice who’s in the Big bed!!  HAH!!!

Baxter Ears

Also, they both think they are sooo much cuter than me!  I might have short legs but I know how to do Cute!  Check this out!!

BaxterBoy 002

No!  Wait!!  That’s that stupid thing that Mom bought me.  Give me a break!!  It makes me wanna poop in her new shoes!

You want cute?  I can do cute!

Baxter's B-Day 003

baxterbuzz 002


At least cuter than that lug next to me!

Backdoor 003

Well peeps, as you can see, I GOTTA GO!!  As my dad would say, ‘Have a Great Weekend!’  What a Dork he is!!!


Bob here…  I have GOT to change passwords!!   Anyhow, I received the new Rascal Flatts CD ay 8:00 AM on the day it came out so I’ll be playing a few of their songs this weekend and next week.  This one is already #6 on the top 30.  And as for what Baxter said, Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

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8 Responses to Hi! This Is Baxter!

  1. Jade says:

    Hi Baxter This is Myst-You do that stand up thing really well–I don’t like to do it, but we get good treats for doing it huh?!Hope you get some good naps in and good tidbits under the table.P.S.I am glad my mommy stopped that stinky smoke stuff

  2. Grandma's says:

    Aww Baxter you are very cute (don’t tell the others….but I think I have fallen in love with you). If you get fed up with the dork or mom well you can always defect to Canada….I will welcome you with open arms!! As for your ears dragging on the floor…heck, I would charge them for keeping the floor dust free!! Have a Happy Easter Baxter…and if you feel like it you can wish the others the same.

  3. Beth says:

    Baxter is adorable but that thing mom bought for him has to go. lolHave a great weekend!! Blessed Easter!

  4. Joe says:

    Such heart warming pictures Bob…who took those you or one of your four legged "kids"? Seeing as how Easter is upon us….maybe you could use your speedos for an egg catapult! Hours of fun for the whole family LOL!

  5. Kat says:

    Baxter, you totally rocked the dorky outfit you were wedged into! Only a stud like you could pull that off and make it look GOOD! :DHappy Easter to you and your family!!!

  6. Sue says:

    Don’t tell him, but I think Baxter is the cutest of your doggies…I wouldn’t want him to get a bigger head! Who can resist those eyes and that laid-back disposition???!!! You rock, Baxter—and don’t let anyone tell you differently! Have a Great Easter and find lots of eggs. When I used to hide them outside for M on Easter, our dog, Nikki, used to find them first and bring them back! And she very rarely broke one!!!

  7. Cin says:

    Love, love love those puppies. Give them all a big hug from me.http://www.thotlady.com

  8. Dana says:

    How did I miss your post? Baxter is so sweet. Isn’t it funny though how you can see their jealousy? I taught the pom this weekend how to lay her head down when I say "Bella go to bed" Now she lays her head down then lays her whole body down and then slightly growls cuz she doesn’t want to go to bed. It’s funny. Good blog, and always good to remember what Easter is all about. The video Patricia sent to me in the guest book was good too, it made me cry.

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