A Few Things….. And Pics!

First of all, thanks those of you who have already posted photos of your ‘rides’!  I have loved them All!  I’m sure that there more coming.  Dana?  Very inventive and Grandma’s many Blessings? I loved your‘TWO’ cars!  Thanks also to GreatGranny….. Beautiful ride!!  Keep ‘em coming!

I’ve been trying to stir things up in the old neighborhood but so far, not much luck.  This the best I could do.  My neighbors trying to stay cool.  It was 102F for the second day in a row but 65F by Friday.

Monday 002

If it’s 102 in mid-April, I don’t wanna see July and August!

Oh!!  Remember that huge Maple tree that likes to deposit HUGE leaves into only MY yard?  It’s Backkkk!!!

Monday 003

And bigger than ever!  AAARRRGHHHH!!!!!!!!

Even though it was HOT here yesterday (102F!!!) my crazy dogs insisted on sitting outside by the front gate.

Monday 004

Eventually, Bonnie wasn’t quite sure about that…


But Baxter loved it!!

Monday 005

Our temps yesterday broke records that have stood since 1958!  Death Valley was only 2 degrees higher.  However today it’s much cooler….. Only 90!  Tomorrow 80 and by Friday, 65!  Anyhow, I went outside this morning and saw these strange looking clouds.

Monday 002

Monday 003

Rather strange and in the East.  Almost looks as if a plane ran through them but they were VERY high!!


My Hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks, resume their playoff run tonight against the San Jose Sharks.  Now, the Sharks had the best record in the league this year while the Duck managed to squeak in by the skin of their teeth.  But the ducks won the first 2 games at San Jose and play them here tonight.  I was hoping to watch the game on TV……. But??  Has anyone heard of a cable station called Versus?  Does anyone receive it??  I understand that only 500,000 households in the U S have it.  What was the NHL thinking??  Anyhow, I will be forced to listen to the game on the radio!!  Listening to hockey on the radio is like listening to 3 hours of mistakes!!  lol!  And unless you know hockey, forget it.


Lastly, my wife bought a new microwave a month ago.  Really Hi-Tech and nice.  But two problems.  After I measured the enclosure where it was to go about nine times, she chose one way too small (which could be corrected).  But the second problem…..  I decided to nuke a potato the other night and saw that it had a ‘Baked Potato’ button!  Cool!!  So I poke holes in it, place it on a napkin and hit the button.  After a few minutes I hear “DING”, then a few minutes later I hear “DING” “DING” and it shuts off.  I check the potato.  Not done, but close.  So I do it again.  “DING”, “DING” “DING”. So I decide to finish grilling and let it sit.  When I walk back inside, the house is full of smoke!!  It never shut off!

The repair guy just left and told me he couldn’t fix it, DUH!!, And I would have to contact GE.  Oh yeah, one more small problem!  The serial number and model numbers are burned off.  I have a feeling we’re screwed!!


I’ve been trying for 2 weeks to play my favorite song from Rascal Flatts’ new CD on my space but just can’t obtain a good copy that will play, but I will!!  In the meantime, here is an excellent song of theirs. 

Rambling and boring post today but I hope you enjoy the photos and the song.  I also hope you are having a good week!

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9 Responses to A Few Things….. And Pics!

  1. Jade says:

    LOL! Love the pics Bob!what, don’t you like meteorite potatoes?

  2. Beth says:

    Great pics Bob. I posted my ride yesterday and you didn’t come and look at it so I took that pic for nothing. lolHugs,Beth

  3. Jude says:

    If it’s 102 in San Fran next week I’m gonna die!!! I’ve never seen temps that high before! :sHope you’re doing well. 🙂

  4. Duckie says:

    The "Ducks" always win. LOL

  5. Jade says:

    thank you Bob, I had never heard of that poem, never having a dog…he will read the blog- thank you for the kind words..

  6. Joe says:

    I can’t even comprehend weather like that in April! What the heck Bob, are you sure you’re not living on another planet? LOL! Your microwave misadventure made me smile…maybe you’d have better look letting it bake on the street!

  7. Kat says:

    you fried the serial numbers off your microwave cookin a potato???HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!oh god…thats hysterical!!

  8. Sue says:

    Can’t believe it is so hot there! We thought our 90’s was hot! Always like your dog pics–they’re such loveable characters. I WILL remember to get some pics of my ride today (but then I told myself that yesterday…) to post tomorrow. My mind has been on vacation for this past week….

  9. .. says:

    The pictures with the clouds are BEAUTIFUL !!! The sky colour is breathtaking !!!Enjoy the wonderful weather and take care. Alex xxx

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