GE Microwave Update

I phoned GE today to speak with a supervisor and got the same woman I got yesterday.  No supervisor available today, yet again.  So she phoned the service company that came out here.  After sticking his head inside and saying there was nothing he could do, he SAID that he called GE.  But guess what?  There was no documentation of his service and GE said I rejected him at the front door!!!  Someone is lying!!

That’s: GENERAL ELECTRIC, P O Box 31250, Louisville, KY, 40232

So they gave me two options:

1.  They will issue me a $50 ‘Goodwill’ coupon even though we paid $120 for it.

2.  They will send out an actual GE tech to ‘Document’ this mess!

I told her that if I heard the word “document” one more time, I would come through the phone line.

So I chose option #2.  A technician will be out NEXT THURSDAY to ‘document’!  No microwave for 2 weeks sucks!!  I have in the trunk of my car bow because it stinks!!!

I also told ‘Sheila’:

1. You need to get rid of that service company

2. I wish I had saved that black potato cause I would have sent to you!

3. If our house had burned down you would be looking at a huge lawsuit!

All she kept saying was “We’re SO Sorry!!”  Oh Yeah??  Prove it!

That’s: GENERAL ELECTRIC, P O Bos 31250, Louisville, KY, 40232


Sorry for the rant!!  Weekend soon!!  Have a GREAT Friday!!!

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5 Responses to GE Microwave Update

  1. Grandma's says:

    Don’t apologize for the rant. I wish you had saved that potato and sent it along with the stinky microwave to GE.$50 Goodwill coupon ….PHHHT what a joke!! Sorry my butt!! Idiots!! When we purchase appliances up here we take them back to the store and let them deal with it. More often than not, the store will replace the item on the spot if it cannot be repaired.2 weeks without a microwave….that sucks!! How did we ever survive without them in the past??Good Luck Bob.Have an great Friday.How are your Anaheim Mighty Ducks doing?? I haven’t been following the games closely this season…but I do know that our Vancouver Canucks just won Round 1 in the playoffs and are set to kick some more Butt in Round 2.Pretty much every third car around here has Canucks flags hanging out of their windows. Everybody up here has hockey fever. I’ll probably start tuning in to the games once they win Round 2.

  2. Jade says:

    I got alittle nervous reading about this because I just got a GE microwave for $20 at a tagsale! but it is from 2002–

  3. Beth says:

    I have a Magic Chef one I got new last year. I use it a t least twice a day. My previous mic lasted over 10 years. GE should replace youre FOC.

  4. Sue says:

    They SHOULD replace it or at least give you your money back. Can you just take it back to the store you bought it from??? If it’s a big chain, like W**Mart, they’ll take it back and give you a new one without much hassle…usually. I bought my last one at Cost** for that very reason—our previous one gave up the ghost after only a couple of years. This new one seems to be working fine. It’s amazing how much one uses them these days, isn’t it? You never realize that until you don’t have one!! Hope you will check in and see my RIDE (be sure to click on my Space to get the full affect with the music!). Hope you get this settled SOON!

  5. Georgia says:

    BOB!!! Long time no read! Hope all is well in your world. I have a little reading to catch up on! From reading the above, I do so hope that you get your problem resolved with the people of GENERAL ELECTRIC, P O Box 31250, Louisville, KY, 40232. And soon!! Keep stirin’ the pot, Bob, and as always, be great!

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