Not Much Today….

I didn’t think that pics of me shampooing the carpets would be very interesting but the next few days  might be.  My MIL is turning 75 on Saturday and the party is HERE!!  My backyard looks like crap but to the rescue come my gardeners!!  I gave them a list of 10 difficult jobs and as usual, he refused any extra pay.  Well, he WILL get extra!  As for me, besides the carpet shampooing which continues tomorrow, I  also have windows!!  Any volunteers??  I thought not!! lol!!  But that’s OK!

The worst part of today was when Bonnie escaped and I had to chase her on foot for over a mile.  She kept crossing the street and almost got hit by cars and a tractor (???) 6 times.  As usual, it ended when she got tired and walked in the front door!  By then I was beat!!!  That Darned Dog!!

I’m playing this Rascal Flatts song yet again because I love it and the video and because it hit #1 one the charts!!  It was Great in concert!!  These guys have really good stage presence!!

I hope you are happy and having a GREAT week!!

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15 Responses to Not Much Today….

  1. Grandma's says:

    Guess Bonnie figured you needed more exercise ….LOL I’m so glad she and you did not get hit by any cars or that tractor.You do carpets?…..I’ve got some that need cleaning. I’ll do your windows in exchange. Pity you live so far away!!Happy Cleaning Bob.

  2. Duckie says:

    Great song. Sometimes with a goodbye comes a hello

  3. Beth says:

    Poor Bonnie. I am glad she is OK>Hugs,Beth

  4. Dana says:

    Hellooo Bob! Gee I just felt like Horton from "Horton hears a who" right then. haha I’ve watched so many movies this week it’s nuts! So Bonnie is a runner. My Sadie is a runner too. The pom sees herself in the window, barks at her self, gets Sadie all riled and then I open the sliding doors and they chase the phantom "whatever" that was in the window. Bella the pom comes back promptly but Sadie wanders. She eventually comes back! Sometimes Bella does this just to get Sadie away from me so she can get the petting. And yeah, I still want pics, even of you shampooing the carpet, or better yet chasing Bonnie! haha

  5. Kat says:

    Oh no! Bad Bonnie!! Scary when they run like that into traffic :(Glad she’s back safe!

  6. Lori BJ says:

    ok sweet pea no carpet shampooing photos but what about the dog and the tractor???lol jk.

  7. Greg says:

    Hi Bob…Glad that Bonnie was alright…Dog’s can get a little independent at times when they want to do there own thing. In Oregon…I had a big lab who would ignore me when he wanted to run off to the neighbors for BBQ. He always knew when they were cooking and I would get to clean up his mess when he got sick.Well…The Lakers manhandled the Jazz. Who’s next???I need my carpets cleaned and stretched in a few spots too. Not happy with the builders choice of carpet and may switch to hardwood floors?You all be well out there and be safe…Greg

  8. .. says:

    Oh … we missed all the fun !!! Shampooing carpets … I would’ve had some FUN blowing the FOAM … LOL. Oh, and count me in for the windows. WHO SAID I WON’T HELP? You ask, you answer? I’ll be there in … 9 hours … that if I don’t get stranded in some airport … did not kiss any pig lately, therefore no flu yet … but you never know. heheheR U SERIOUS ??????? 75?????????? This Sat??????????? I’ll keep the wishes for Sat. then !!!!!!!!!!!PS. I’m glad Bonnie’s fine. Let’s face it, some running doesn’t hurt. hehehe OR IT DOES? Alex xxx

  9. .. says:

    lol … I was kidding … I kknow you’re 25 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Now, serious … I was kidding about the 75. maybe not the best one ever … sorry !!!!!!!!Please take good care of you and have a wonderful day. Alex xxx

  10. Jade says:

    well, you are a good son in law…Ugh, your poor feet!!!

  11. Shelly says:

    Good luck with all of your chores. I hope the party is fabulous and she enjoys herself.Ms. bonnie deserves a scolding. That’s spooky when they run like that. OH btw…. GO DETROIT RED WINGS!! xoxoo

  12. Sue says:

    Don’t you just hate chasing animals??!!! I’m SO lucky my dog does come when called. The cats, on the other hand, are almost impossible to catch outside. Caruso is easy inside–just mention food and he’s there, but Kit-Kit (the black one) is wise to all those tricks and almost impossible to find. But open a can of tuna and they all come running!!! Needless to say, we eat a lot of tuna…

  13. Ms Noanie says:

    It sounds like you got your exercise today chasing Bonnie! Good luck with the party, sounds like you’ve got all the chores well in hand.Be well. Peace

  14. Stephanie says:

    Ahhh you can tell who’s spoiled! That darn Bonnie! LOL I’ll bet Baxter, or Buzz would NEVER do something like that! LOLI have hardwood flooring that has been sitting in boxes for ummmm 3 years now. How are you at installing hardwood floors? I’ll wash windows and shampoo carpets for a floor install…. Well, I have to get back to bed. I just came by to say, HI! Tell Becky that we love you guys and will see you in June. BIG HUGS, Steph

  15. Sanjana says:

    HI Bob you still playing rascal flatts and i love that song………..obviously it had to be at #1. happy sprucing up………………

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