More Wildfire Pics (See previous post)


Hotter, drier and stronger winds Wednesday nigjt and Thursday.

Two firefighters overrun by flames

Over 100 homes gone so far

10,000 acres – 800 firefighters!  Not enough!

Water-dropping planes and helicopters have been shut down for the night.

Firemen are hosing down their trucks

The darned winds keep shifting!

SB Fire911

SB Fire912

SB Fire913

SB Fire914

SB Fire915

SB Fite916

Keep all involved in you prayers, please….

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11 Responses to More Wildfire Pics (See previous post)

  1. Grandma's says:

    Frightening pictures here and on your previous blog. I will most certainly keep all involved in my prayers. Stay safe, Bob.Has Burt come out of hibernation yet??

  2. .. says:

    It does look scarry !!! But you are right !!! ALREADY ??? What’s going to happen summer time?Take care and have an excellent day. Alex xxx

  3. klaus says:

    Hello my friend. I hope that these fires are farther from your home than it seems by my calculations. My prayers to your state, I hope this is just a fluke, not an early prediction for your season.

  4. Sue says:

    So sad to see all this fire—especially in beautiful Santa Barbara! Hope they get it under control soon. Thanks for the pics.

  5. Jade says:


  6. Jude says:

    Far too early for this to be starting……..hope they can beat it soon!

  7. Joe says:

    Geez, talk about towering inferno! There are times when I’m surprised that there’s anything left to burn!

  8. Sue says:

    Very terrifying and sobering photos. The sheer scale of destruction is almost impossible to fathom. My thoughts are with all of you in your state.

  9. Dana says:

    Definitely in my prayers! That is tragic.

  10. Babblelot says:

    Be safe my friend!

  11. CAROL says:

    So Sad to see such a loss there. Hope they all can recover someday. I hope you water your yard and stay safe.. Have a great weekend! : )

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