First Firestorms and now…..?

Earthquakes!!  Three in four days.  The first was a 5.0 (a huge jolt and then the rolling effect).  Ten minutes later a 3.1 aftershock hit.  Scary being so close together.  Then an hour ago we got a 4.1 trembler.  Fortunately, these quakes are not coming from California’s major fault line, The San Andreas Fault.  That’s where the ‘Big One’ will originate.  But still, any earthquake at least 4.0 is a wake up call. 
Two interesting facts:
California averages 70 earthquakes a month, although most are barely felt.
A 5.0 quake is 10X stronger than a 4.0, a 6.0 is 10X stronger than a 5.0, etc….
According to the Richter Scale, here are some recorded facts about the energy produced by earthquakes throughout recorded time.  I don’t wanna experience a 10.0!!  At that point my earthquake insurance will be pretty much meaningless.  Here is the chart.  Take care!

(Based on U.S. Geological Survey documents.)[5]

Great earthquakes occur once a year, on average. The largest recorded earthquake was the Great Chilean Earthquake of May 22, 1960 which had a magnitude (MW) of 9.5.[6]

The following table lists the approximate energy equivalents in terms of TNT explosive force[7] – though note that the energy here is that of the underground energy release (ie a small atomic bomb blast will not simply cause light shaking of indoor items) rather than the overground energy release; the majority of energy transmission of an earthquake is not transmitted to and through the surface, but is instead dissipated into the crust and other subsurface structures.

Approximate Magnitude
Approximate TNT for
Seismic Energy Yield
Joule equivalent Example
0.0 1 kg (2.2 lb) 4.2 MJ
0.5 5.6 kg (12.4 lb) 23.5 MJ Large Hand grenade
1.0 32 kg (70 lb) 134.4 MJ Construction site blast
1.5 178 kg (392 lb) 747.6 MJ WWII conventional bombs
2.0 1 metric ton 4.2 GJ Late WWII conventional bombs
2.5 5.6 metric tons 23.5 GJ WWII blockbuster bomb
3.0 32 metric tons 134.4 GJ Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb
3.5 178 metric tons 747.6 GJ Chernobyl nuclear disaster, 1986
4.0 1 kiloton 4.2 TJ Small atomic bomb
4.5 5.6 kilotons 23.5 TJ
5.0 32 kilotons 134.4 TJ Nagasaki atomic bomb (actual seismic yield was negligible since it detonated in the atmosphere. The Hiroshima atomic bomb was 15 kilotons )
Lincolnshire earthquake (UK), 2008
5.4 150 kilotons 625 TJ 2008 Chino Hills earthquake (Los Angeles, United States)
5.5 178 kilotons 747.6 TJ Little Skull Mtn. earthquake (NV, USA), 1992
Alum Rock earthquake (CA, USA), 2007
6.0 1 megaton 4.2 PJ Double Spring Flat earthquake (NV, USA), 1994
6.5 5.6 megatons 23.5 PJ Rhodes (Greece), 2008
6.7 16.2 megatons 67.9 PJ Northridge earthquake (CA, USA), 1994
6.9 26.8 megatons 112.2 PJ San Francisco Bay Area earthquake (CA, USA), 1989
7.0 32 megatons 134.4 PJ
7.1 50 megatons 210 PJ Energy released is equivalent to that of Tsar Bomba, the largest thermonuclear weapon ever tested.
7.5 178 megatons 747.6 PJ Kashmir earthquake (Pakistan), 2005
Antofagasta earthquake (Chile), 2007
7.8 600 megatons 2.4 EJ Tangshan earthquake (China), 1976
8.0 1 gigaton 4.2 EJ Toba eruption 75,000 years ago; which, according to the Toba catastrophe theory, affected modern human evolution
San Francisco earthquake (CA, USA), 1906
Queen Charlotte earthquake (BC, Canada), 1949
México City earthquake (Mexico), 1985
Gujarat earthquake (India), 2001
Chincha Alta earthquake (Peru), 2007
Sichuan earthquake (China), 2008 (initial estimate: 7.8)
8.5 5.6 gigatons 23.5 EJ Sumatra earthquake (Indonesia), 2007
9.0 32 gigatons 134.4 EJ Lisbon Earthquake (Lisbon, Portugal), All Saints Day, 1755
9.2 90.7 gigatons 379.7 EJ Anchorage earthquake (AK, USA), 1964
9.3 114 gigatons 477 EJ Indian Ocean earthquake, 2004 (40 ZJ in this case)
9.5 178 gigatons 747.6 EJ Valdivia earthquake (Chile), 1960 (251 ZJ in this case)
10.0 1 teraton

4.2 ZJ

Never recorded

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5 Responses to First Firestorms and now…..?

  1. Sanjana says:

    HI Bob! Have you guys always had earthquakes or has the frequency increased in recent years? you stay safe and God bless!

  2. Joe says:

    Bob what would you do without some drama going on? You’d have to settle for making a Richter scale with your speedo! Okay, I’m sorry, I went and brought that up again…those are some interesting facts you’ve got there. It’s interesing that they’ve never had a recorded earthquake that’s 10 on the speedo….erm, you know the other scale.

  3. Grandma's says:

    Stay safe!!

  4. Silver says:

    Interesting…. glad ur safe tho! :o)

  5. Minty's mamma says:

    Interesting information. Visiting from Sanjana’s site. Glad that no major damage happened this time! Take care

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