Memorial Weekend BBQ!!

Nothing like Great friends and even better food!  The whole night was amazing!!’  BBQ’d Ribs, Chicken, Roasted Corn Salad, Orzo Salad, Lemon Potatoes, Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil salad and Ice cream with stawberries for dessert!!  Plus, late harvest wine while we told stories!!   It was PERFECT!!!  I’m thinking hot dogs tomorrow!!!!
The grill!
Table setting
Tomato Salad!
Yeah!!  We ate it ALL!!!
Those potatoes!!!!  YUM!!!
Our Friends!!  Neighbors and Good friends!!
The aftermath!!
It was fun but guess who gets to clean up??  LOL!!  I won’t mind a bit!! 
As a Veteran, I bought my Poppy today and I hope you do too!!  I was proud to serve!!  Have a GREAT Memorial Day and fly your flag!!!
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10 Responses to Memorial Weekend BBQ!!

  1. Cindy says:

    Our Rememrance Day is in November, and I always wear a poppy. The food looks great as always.

  2. Laoch says:

    Wow, great looking spread.

  3. Flufy says:

    Oh my god that looks gorgeous. A bit miffed we werent invited tho lol. We had a teeny BBQ last night, just Hubs and I. Chicken, corn on the cob and tomatoes plus salad. Mmmmmmm. I never thought of BBQing toms before but they are luuurrrrverly.As Cindy said, our Rememberance Day is in November, the day before Sprouts birthday. A bit too chilly for a BBQ then methinks.Hope you have a fab rest of your weekend.Love n hugsFluffxxxx

  4. Sue says:

    Thanks, Bob, for your service in Viet Nam. Looks like you had a wonderful feast and fun time with friends—as it should be! Your food looks scrumptious as always. Shame on you for teasing us with all those pictures—but I want them to be scratch-and-sniff pictures!!!

  5. ♥ Aimee says:

    oh i am so hungry now…well cereal here i come…sad i know….~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  6. Dana says:

    Yummy infinity as my grandson would say! What a feast! Again this Memorial Day I thank you Bob for your service and to all of our veterans ! Have a great and relaxing day!

  7. Sheila says:

    Yummy looking spread Dana well done xx

  8. sweeti's says:

    U better invite me BobAre u mad with me Bob..I never here from uoke im not big only 1.63 .but im alive and kicking

  9. sweeti's says:

    oke i forgive u lolbut i spank ur naked ass.CU BobMJ

  10. Jade says:


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