Short Post…. And My Favorite Song!!!

 Not much going on here!!  I tried to visit most of you and I will continue tomorrow!!  I confronted my Vietnamese neighbor again today and informed him that if I EVER see that flag again I’ll rip it down and burn it!!  I think he got the message!!  Anyhow, these holidays always screw me up !  I can never remember what day it is!!  I was hoping it was Friday!!  No such luck!!
I read a good one today in the newspaper!!   If you live in California, Arkansas, Indiana, or Virginia you are NOT allowed to smile when your driver’s licence photo is taken!!  They say it changes the the shape of your face!!  No problem here!!!  lol!!  By the time I get thru the line I’m in no mood to smile!!  Maybe a scowl would be OK???
My BOSE headphones went ‘south’ on me!!  GRRRR!!  I sent them back and they will be replaced in THREE WEEKS!!  Geez!!  So I ‘borrowed’ my wife’s Bose ear buds!  Not bad but not the same.  Which brings me to my FAVORITE SONG!!  Not Rascal Flatts or anything really Country, but Jimmy Buffet!!  "Cowboy In The Jungle"!!  Give it a listen!  …..  Please!!  I keep posting songs and I don’t think anyone ever listens.  It’s that little speaker thingy on your Taskbar!!  Yeah!!  Right there!!  See??  Click it!  LOL!!
Anyhow, have a great ‘Hump Day’ and I’ll try to come up with something better tomorrow!!
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3 Responses to Short Post…. And My Favorite Song!!!

  1. Shelly says:

    Tee hee ha ha…. I was telling the hubby last night about your confrontation. I could barely get through without laughing because I can totally see you marching down there. I hope the pee pee head did get the message.Happy hump day to you as well luv bug! Go Red Wings!! 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    Good for you! Hope he takes the hint. Maybe if you pipe out the Stars Spangled Banner to the neighborhood, they’ll get the idea. No, there’s not much to smile about when you get your pic taken for your license—but I didn’t know it was a RULE! Next time it gets taken, I’ll remember to leer!!!

  3. Kat says:

    Just got my license renewed today. Had to return to work to get my glasses for the eye exam since I can’t read very well far distances in one eye. By the time I got back to the DMV I had wasted 30 minutes of my lunch hour; I know I wasn’t smiling in my photo!

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