Exciting Day In The Neighborhood!!

My little Dachshund was gonna post today but I put him on hold…  and changed passwords!  He’s getting too clever!

Anyhow, if you remember, a year ago my neighbor Billy had a TV commercial shot in his driveway.  I strolled over there with my camera.  Took pics and ate their food!!   Hey!!  I was invited!!

Well today, the same film crew shows up again.  Again, pics and free food!  I didn’t think they would remember me but when I sauntered over and said “Hey Yall”, they all jumped up and said BOB!!!… Neighbor Bob!!  lol!!

I forget what the last commercial was for but there was alot of water involved.  This one was indoors for a Chinese financial company.  Bonus!!  Free food and I got to check out his house!  I took LOTS of pictures while trying to stay out of their way.  It was pretty cool!!

Here are the pics!

Extra light, I guess

Commercial 001

Their truck, packed full of stuff

Commercial 008

The crew!

Commercial 003

Setting up

Commercial 004

Commercial 005

Commercial 007

Two cuties!  Another bonus!!  HAH!!

Commercial 009

Prop for the shoot…. Chinese calendar!

Commercial 010

A few of the guys setting up

Commercial 011

Commercial 012

Commercial 013

I think she was on Spaces!!  LOL!!

Commercial 014

Billy and his wife!  Forgive the flash….

Commercial 015

The makeup girl!!  I called NEXT!!

Commercial 017 

The actor!!

Commercial 018

The actress!!

Commercial 019

Equipment everywhere!!

Commercial 020

Commercial 021

Break time!

Commercial 022

Makeup time

Commercial 023

Commercial 027

The shoot, finally!!

Commercial 030

This guy had to do 2 shoots!  One in Mandarin and one in Cantonese.. WOW!!

Commercial 033

The Director….  A slave-master!!

Commercial 032

Oh yeah, the food!!!!

Commercial 024

My new girlfriend, Susan!!  LOL!!  Producer!!

Commercial 037

It was a fun day!!  I was told that they still check out my space everyday!  So, to Susan and the crew, I look forward to your return for the next commercial!!  Always a blast!!

And for you ladies, check out this long drink of water!!  Sean!!

Commercial 031

HAH!!!!  Nice guy…. Very shy!!  6’ 4”!!

Well that’s it!!  Fun day and they didn’t kick me out!!  I also got a “Bye Bob” as I left!! 

Here are a few of their websites:  www.xoom.com and www.sunriseseagull.com.

I just caught Baxter trying to snag my new password so who knows what will happen tomorrow!!!

Have a Great night and a better week!

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13 Responses to Exciting Day In The Neighborhood!!

  1. Jude says:

    Bob, you do get around!!!! LOL I think if I showed up at my neighbours house……….wait a minute – on second thought, never mind! hahahaHope you’re doing well and enjoying the sun. Take care 🙂

  2. john says:

    Baxter….needs a commercail on little legged speedy dogs. good shots.

  3. Joe says:

    Bob, I always knew fame and fortune would find you one way or another! I got to see my miniature Dachshunds the other day…man what a treat. The kids had a grea time too…but there was no commercial or food…some guys get all the luck.

  4. Kat says:

    What fun! You live in a "happening" neighborhood LOL

  5. Shelly says:

    Tee hee ha ha…. I think if you were my neighbor I would be nervous. tee hee ha ha And as for Sean….Isn’t it hot in CA? Next time he should try cooling down by removing his shirt! YUMMY! tee hee ha haThanks for a fun post! ttfn

  6. Sue says:

    You’ve got to keep an eye on that little Baxter—he’s a tricky one! Looks like you had quite a day with the film crew. Great pics and narrative! Did they say when the commercial would be aired and where??? Sounds like some local station that broadcasts only Chinese. The food looked delicious and I’ll bet it all disappeared too. Lots of fun, huh?!

  7. Lori BJ says:

    You are a refreshing soul. Let Baxter know that Patch will read him anytime. As long as he stays on his side of the screen, she wont try to howl. LOL

  8. ♥ Aimee says:

    i take it these were not the redneck neigbours…ha ha ha!~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  9. Jade says:

    you have the most interesting and diverse neighbors I have ever seen!!!!

  10. Grandma's says:

    Never a dull moment in your neighborhood!!Hey Dad…..I think Baxter has a crush on Kassey…LOL

  11. Nightowl says:

    Well Bob, you know where the action is…lively neighborhood!

  12. Sanjana says:

    lol………Bob you seem to get an invite everywhere……………ha! That anaheim ducks tee shirt……………………reminded me of the anaheim ducks boxer shorts my company manufactured for a company called Consenso in Canada………………damn those shorts were very popular with all the guys in my family……………they said they had lots of roommmmmmmmmmmmmmm lol………

  13. CAROL says:

    WHoa how cool is that. would be neat to see the fiished product too.. but then again I dont understand cantonese and chinese anyway.. fun day for sure : )

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