Rebuttal…… Yeah, It’s Bonnie!!

Who did you expect?  That wimp Buzz?  I OWN him!! 


Look at him!!  What a doofus!!  He can’t even spell!!  When Dad turns on the hose he runs for his life!!  The only thing he’s good for is……..  I forgot!  I’m too busy looking cute!!



Ears 002

People say I look like Tina Turner…..  Who the H%*$ is she??  I’m my own girl!!

And if Dad tries to dress me like this again…

Dog Clothes 001

I swear I’ll take his finger off!!!

That little S*%$ Baxter is even worse!!  That shot DID hurt!!  I can barely chase a squirrel now!!  I’ll fix all of them!!  Maybe leave Dad a little ‘treat’ in his bed too!  But Baxter is on my last nerve and he thinks he calls that fighting back, I’ll show him!!  Little wimp!!  He’ll be under the bed all day!!  Look at him!!  The fireplace isn’t even on!!  What an idiot!

Commercial 001

Oh wait!!  Mailman!!!!

OK, where was I??  Oh yeah!!  Baxter!  I had to threaten him to get Dad’s password but he folded like ….. I don’t know!  Something cheap!!  Anyhow, I’m back in charge here now!  And if you don’t like it, talk to the paw!!!  A bandaid on his nose??  Wimp!!!


OK my peeps!!  I know you all adore me and love me (who wouldn’t?) , but I got things to do!  I think I’ll start by pulling all 128 toys out of the box and not playing with them!  Mom and dad HATE that!!  I just laugh and scratch myself!!

Commercial 002

As Dad would say, “Have a GREAT Weekend”!  What a jerk he is!!

Some handy guy is coming today so I have to get ready to bite his ankles.  I’ll talk at you later, when I’m good and ready!!

Wait!!  I have an attitude???  *&$%#@*!!!


Bob again…… Sheesh!!  I guess I need a trickier password.  This is getting out of control!  And I don’t care what Bonnie says, I DO hope you have a Great Weekend!!

Good older song today… Craig Morgan


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8 Responses to Rebuttal…… Yeah, It’s Bonnie!!

  1. Lori BJ says:

    Bonnie – Queen Patch D. Kat here, nice of you to post. Ease up on the others there girl – ya all are Dogs, and ya drool. Cute is for cats and to get someone to do ANYthing for you is to be nice to them all the time. I know MaMa cat drives me crazy but i just let her mother me, cuz it makes her feel supior – but who sleeps on my roommates bed, desk, lap, chair and just gets talked to… ME! take a good sniff at those angles first… if it doesn’t smell good you may regret biting something that smells bad. it is so hard t get a bad taste out of your mouth. why do you think we cats sleep after batheing?

  2. Joe says:

    It’s an animal house over there Bob, simply an animal house! I’ve got a very busy weekend ahead of me. My dogs always hated it when we had to be gone all day. I’m ready for it to start acting like summer too but I don’t see that heading our way just yet. Bless you my friend, have a great weekend.

  3. Dana says:

    Your dogs are just out of control.. I would know mine are the same. Did you see the pic of Sadie riding with me on the raft in the lake? Where’s the dog shampoo when you need it right? She’s so attached to me even the lake wasn’t going to stop her! Neither dog likes to swim. Bella ran down the path and saw sadie out on the raft in the lake, did a "boing" look with her eyes and RAN back to camp. I could almost hear her "She may drag me to that dang car but I’m NOT going on the raft!" LOL

  4. Sanjana says:

    lol@ Bob and his doghouse……..hahahaha………………jee i can actually imagine your dogs putting the toilet seat up before they do their business……………………………..

  5. Sue says:

    Boy, that pup need a shorter leash for sure! Let’s face it—she’s spoiled rotten. When we don’t ask our dog, Nikki, to "get the paper" she gets it herself—then buries it somewhere in the garden. I think she’s been watching hubby plant too often this year. Hubby thinks she’s trying to grow a newspaper tree! I think she’s going to bring them in one at a time when she wants a treat…

  6. Jude says:

    Hahaha, Buzz kinda looks like my little one!!! LOLHope you’re doing well and talk soon 🙂

  7. CAROL says:

    NOw that’s funny.. she cracks me up!! YES I agree she is cute though! : )

  8. Kat says:

    ha ha ha ha ha!! I love the picture of Bonnie laying, guarding all the toys she has laying around!! 😀

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