Just Some Stuff

Becky decided that she was tired of watching the dogs scratching so it was shower time.  My camera battery went dead so I only got the one shot.  In Becky’s words, “Thank God!”  This is Bonnie!  She looks like a wet rat!!!

LAX 001

Yet another plumber on a roof!  What’s with this neighborhood… Especially the other side of the street!  At least this guy didn’t barf!

LAX 002

Mehdi left for Montreal today and then on to Morocco.  It was a fun time as usual.  He always leaves a ton of stuff behind.  I was hoping he would forget his laptop and iPhone!!  No such luck… Just clothes and trash.

LAX 003

I drove him to L A airport (LAX), which always turns into an ordeal with the traffic and security checks. But he got off OK!!  Think he has enough luggage??  He, for sure, didn’t forget his surfboard and that blue bag weighed a ton!!

LAX 004

My dogs wanted me to thank you for your comments, especially Buzz.  He’s been through alot.  As for Bonnie, who knows!  LOL  I’ve changed passwords so hopefully you won’t hear from them for awhile.

Haven’t seen the sun much in the past few weeks.  Temps have been in the 60’s.  Not California-like but come August we will be begging for it.  I read that a new El Nino is forming which means lots of rain this winter.  And boy, do we need it!!

Trisha Yearwood today!  Good ‘un!

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2 Responses to Just Some Stuff

  1. Shelly says:

    THAT MAN IS SOOOOOOO HOT!!! You just make sure your battery is charged when he’s in town o.k.?!?!? If I was Becky you wouldn’t have had to worry about a dead battery because that hose would have been pointed at you each and every time you went to click a photo. It’s been a very chilly spring here. We actually got some much needed rain last night. But our temps have only topped 75 three times this year. The garden is growing very s-l-o-w. Hey, did that darn tourtise come out? Did ya find him? Have ya seen him? xoxoxome

  2. Jade says:

    hey, ya…where’s Burt?

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