He’s Back!!!!!

Larry ‘ The Hunk’ that is!  Our handyman.  It was crazy in my neighborhood today but unfortunately it was at my house!!

When we bought this house, 27 years ago, it came with a really cool kidney-shaped, ground level spa/hot tub.  But it was fiberglass and slowly deteriorated.  Here is what’s left

Larry 005

Yeah, we had it cemented in.  Filled it with dirt and old lawn furniture and let the concrete flow!  But the old heating and pump equipment was still there…. Until today!  That’s where Larry came in!

Larry 001

What a mess!!  Note the leaning walls!  But he worked hard. 

Larry 002

Larry 003

Larry 004

Oh yeah!  The electrical was still on!!  This was the FIRST time he got shocked!! LOL!!

Larry 006

He started filling up his truck.  Nice truck too!!  Ford F350 V10!!

Larry 007

As usual he brought his two Australian Shepherds.  I call them ‘Itchy’ and ‘Scratchy’!  Nice dogs and my dogs love them.

Larry 009

Larry 008

Some of the debacle

Larry 010

Larry 011

Larry 012

More loading!!  I bought him lunch, gave him water and stayed the heck out of the way!!

Larry 013

This was the second time he got shocked!

Larry 014

Lots of ripping things out and hauling

Larry 015

Here are the final loads…

Larry 017

Larry 018

He only charged us $300 plus an $85 dump fee!!  Between Larry and my gardeners, WOW!!  The electrical is still live’ (just ask Larry!!), but our electrician will relocate power to our outdoor lights.  Also, we now have natural gas there so the plan is to have a concrete slab laid and place a new grill there running off that.  No more expensive propane!!

Here is what it looks like now, after the dogs stopped ‘marking it!!


He’s returning tomorrow to begin work on a new microwave enclosure.  Larry is a great guy!!  House on the beach, surfs, works out and eats healthy. 

One question… Does anyone else think he looks like Randy Quaid???

‘HUMP’ day!!  Hope it was a good one!!!  Same Trisha song tonight…

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7 Responses to He’s Back!!!!!

  1. Sanjana says:

    hey Bob………lots of cleaning up getting done………good for you……………he did that all by himself………….cool……..where i live it would have taken atleast three men to clean that mess…………..ofcourse it would have costed way lesser………………………………lol…………….have a nice day Bob.

  2. Dana says:

    Yeah he does, I was looking for the motor home and snot in the background. LOL My hubby’s cousin IS that guy straight from Lampoon’s Vacation. He’s AMAZINGLY similar in action to that character. Hubby has another friend that’s as dull as they come, so when they both are visiting I tease him that dumb and dumber is here. (Mean I know but if you spent 10 minutes, no 3 minutes with these guys you’d think so too!)

  3. Grandma's says:

    Randy Quaid…don’t know…my poor old eyes can’t tell. I’m with Great Granny….get a close-up shot of the hunk.He sure was a busy beaver today….what a shockingly awesome job he did LOL.Have a great day tomorrow Bob

  4. Shelly says:

    That’s a big job. And shame on you for not cutting the power while he was working. Those dogs are beautiful. xoxoxoxo Oh and doesn’t anybody take their shirts off to work anymore? tee hee ha ha :~)

  5. Sue says:

    Looks like he did a complete job. Bet you’re glad you found him! The microwave enclosure sounds like a nice improvement. Hope it’s at eye level….

  6. Jade says:

    yikes! I hope Burt wasnt in there!LOL! "The Itchy & scratchy show!!" I used to watch that with the kid I lived with:D

  7. Joe says:

    Man, that looks like a disaster area, well can’t make an omelete without breaking (and carrying away) a few eggs right? I hope you enjoy all your new improvements my friend.

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