He’s Back!!! Part 2!


Larry “The Hunk” Handyman was back today to construct an enclosure for the new microwave.  Now some of you weren’t quite sure if he looked like Randy Quaid so here’s a closer picture of him painting the enclosure.


HAHA!! If that’s not Randy Quaid in my kitchen then who is??

He set up shop on my front lawn (GRRRRR!) but that was OK.  Larry 006

Remember my neighbor, Crazy Lady (Charlotte)?

Larry 009 Well, she came over to inform Larry that there were Mexicans in her trees!!  I think he threatened her with his saw!!  LOL!  The only tree she has is this one…

Larry 008

Then this Army transport plane flew over really low so she ran indoorsLarry 010

I told Randy, errr… Larry that some of you ladies wanted to see him shirtless so he gave me the memory card from his camera to upload.  Here are a few gems!

This is the last photo he has of his Dad and him.  Not sure what year but he sure looks young!

Larry 011

Colorado River pics!

Paddleboarding with his dog Sasha

Larry 002


Larry 017

His Harley

Larry 014


Larry 012

His Jeep

Larry 061

And here is his beach house…… Larry 028

And his view!

Larry 025

Here are a few pics of jobs he has done recently. A really nice deck and patio…

Larry 042 

A garage door that he MADE!!  Larry 032

And check out this kitchen window!

Larry 058

Larry 059

His ‘Pack’!!

Larry 039

In the river…

  Larry 004

So now you know more than you wanted to about Larry and didn’t ask for!!  LOL!

He did his usual great job!  Now to find a microwave that fits!!  It has to be a GE because we have a rebate certificate.  The enclosure just needs one more coat of paint, and then the blue tape comes off.

Larry 104

Oh!  BTW.. That load he took to the dump yesterday was 1.53 TONS!!!!!

Continuing with the Female Country Singer theme, here’s Jennifer Nettles of ‘Sugarland’!

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15 Responses to He’s Back!!! Part 2!

  1. john says:

    Hunk’s ?

  2. Sue says:

    Mmm…I’m coming by here just for the eye candy these days! Why can’t I find a handyman like that???

  3. Grandma's says:

    Yup, sure looks like Randy Quaid in your kitchen!! I could use a handyman like him. I’ll take his Harley and his beach house. Love his pack….the dogs, I mean…LOL. Never thought of Randy Quaid as being a hunk…but Larry is making me re-think that.Have a good one tomorrow, Bob.

  4. Lori BJ says:

    Wood work is great – he is okay

  5. Flufy says:

    lmao.. Sorry Im still laughing at Crazy Charlotte chuckles.Hope you have a good weekendlove n hugsFluffxxxx

  6. Joe says:

    So those are the people you’ve been talking so much about huh? You even included the work they do and their pets…geez Bob, you’re not a stalker are you? LOL!

  7. Shelly says:

    He is yummy!! Love the doggies and THe Colorado river one of my ultimate favorite places!! Thanks for helping us stalkers out. tee hee ha ha Hope your weekend is fabulous. Dont’ they make a charlotte repelant? te ehee ttfn

  8. artsylady says:

    Hey, Bob, I need a light bulb changed.

  9. Sue says:

    You should feel a lot lighter with all of that gone…

  10. J W says:

    Does he rent the beach house….lol. BTW, Jennifer Nettles is my favorite female country singer…the woman can make a grown man cry with some her songs. Be well, stay happy, use the new microwave with joy and continue in grace.J.W.L.

  11. Jude says:

    Yup, I think he’s quite similar to Randy Quaid – but the big question is – does he sound like him??? heheheHope things are going well with you. Things are, well, going here as per usual. ;-)Take care and talk soon 🙂

  12. BRIDGET says:

    Yes I’m back. Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. As the weather gets nicer here the crazies come out in full force. Needless to say I’ve been wornin’ my butt off! Hey, how far are you from Oceanside? I am probably going to be visiting some friends out there in August. Just curious! Looks like there has been lots of exciting stuff going on with you…as usual! Take care friend. :o)

  13. Bridget says:

    Well, dang… you have had a busy summer as well!! I wonder what ‘the Hunk’ would charge to come to Minnesota to fix up a few things, lol. Enjoy your Sunday… I’ve got to get my hired hand (me) to do some yardwork today, a few little things I have been putting off… its just been to fun to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather instead of working in it! 😉

  14. Kat says:

    LMAO! Only you could convince your handyman to hand over his personal photos!! and you can tell him–"yes" he’s very hunky 😀

  15. Dana says:

    Tell Larry I think I love him. (Just don’t tell the hubby!)

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