Yet Another Dinner Party! …. And The Lakers!!!!!!


This time it was our friend Anthony’s Birthday!!  It was good times, as usual!  We also invited one of my wife’s co-workers and her hubby,  I liked the hubby and we talked for hours!!

Anthony!  Nice smile!!  LOL!

Ant's Birthday 007

New friends Emily…

Ant's Birthday 009

And Brad!

Ant's Birthday 008

Of course, we had to BBQ!

Chicken marinated in lemon juice, Basil and caraway seed with Pesto…

Ant's Birthday 004

Baby Back Ribs…

Ant's Birthday 002

Coleslaw and ‘Watergate Salad’!

What you ask is Watergate salad??  Pistachio pudding, mini-marshmallows, walnuts and cool-whip!  GOOD!!!  Here is the spread!  And the friends!

Ant's Birthday 003

And the aftermath…..

Ant's Birthday 005

Oh yeah!!  Dessert!  ‘Motherlode cake’!!  This one was 3 layers but they also have a SIX layer one!!  More chocolate than I could handle….

Ant's Birthday 006

Guess who got to clean up??  I’m still working on it!

Ant's Birthday


After dinner we settled in and watched the L A Lakers dismantle the Orlando Magic for their 15th championship and their coach, Phil Jackson’s 10th!! Loved it!!







Say what you want about Kobe but he’s the best player in the NBA!!


I have to take ‘Itchy and Scratchy’ (Bonnie and Baxter) to the Vet’s today.  Not fleas, but something is making them scratch constantly!!  We gave them both a bath but that did nothing.  What’s up?


The song on my space has to be the saddest Country song ever!!  Joe Nichols!!  Grab a hankie and have a wonderful week!!

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10 Responses to Yet Another Dinner Party! …. And The Lakers!!!!!!

  1. julie says:

    My Dogs Itch and scratch until i found out their skin was i used clothes softern on them and they quit itching and scratching…

  2. Kat says:

    omg, I just drooled on my keyboard over this pic of those RIBS!!!! *drip drip drip*Guido has been itchy too (speaking of itchy and scratchy)…I think its cuz he’s shedding like mad preparing for the Summer heat :)How come your salad is called Watergate??

  3. john says:

    food and food drool….wiping keyboard off…darn gotta clean up….should of been the Nuggies not Lakers. Nuggies.choke?Have a great week.

  4. Dana says:

    Hey Bob! I’ve missed your blogs, had to drop by and what do I see? Another GREAT dinner! Yum! It makes me want to do better every time I see those meals. ANd that chocolate cake? OMG… that is to die for. I had to put frontline on the pekingnese, she always gets itchier than the pom. Her hair is soft like a person’s and I think the mosquitos were getting her.

  5. klaus says:

    Checking in my friend, has been busy here. The food looks wonderful, somehow, I must have misplaced my invitation :)Seriously, I am glad you weathered the fires there. And the Lakers, very impressive.Hoping you are well,~klaus

  6. Grandma's says:

    The food looks awesome….I’m sitting here licking my chops and drooling.So what did the Vet say about the dogs?Haven’t posted in a bit…busy trying to get my mom’s place clean (cousin from Germany visiting her….I will also be their wheels because mom doesn’t drive anymore). Also been working on my son’s spread sheets for his trucking/crane company… seems there is no rest for the wicked LOL.Hope you are having a great week.*Hugs and Blessings to You and Becky….and your 3 little dogs*By the way….did Burt ever make an appearance?? Surely he must have come out of hibernation.

  7. Sue says:

    Good for the Lakers! Sounds like you had another successful dinner celebration! You MUST quit with the mouthwatering pics of food. You are giving me indigestion just reading your space! Too rich for so early in the morning…if you know what I mean. Hope you can figure out what’s up with the dogs. My dog had some kind of scratchy thing once and they gave some kind of meds which seemed to clear it up. She had scratched herself raw in places. But she’s OK now! Good luck with that!

  8. Joe says:

    Wow, that food looks great, I haven’t had watergate salad in ages…then you brought the memories roaring back and I don’t have one crumb to enjoy, shame on you Bob! My wife calls pictures like that food porn…I think she’s right on!

  9. jenna says:

    Hiya, well looks like you’ve been busy thats for sure!Jenna

  10. CAROL says:

    WOW coming here makes me hungry.. that cake is too much!! The watergatre salad I make has drained crushed pineapple in it. It kind of takes some of that really sweet out of it. Hope they found out what was wrong with the pups! TAke cae : )

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