Kobe Bryant… Please Don’t Hate Him!


It’s funny that the  comments I have received haven’t mentioned the Lakers and what a GREAT job Kobe did ‘coaching’ them.  Sure, Phil Jackson is the Coach and he passes Red Aeurbach as winningest coach, but Kobe was the true coach of the Lakers.  So for all of you Kobe haters, SHUT IT!! 


He is a champion again, but he is an altogether different champion.  Shaq Who????

"He has become a giver rather than just a guy who is a demanding leader," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said upon the Lakers winning the NBA championship Sunday night. "And that’s been great for him and great to watch."

Kobe has changed!

Those magic moments are framed art. Yet the clearest snapshots of this season are the little things …

• Bryant is leaning back in his chair on the bench in Cleveland a few more days beyond Bynum’s injury, craning his neck to keep Bynum involved and engaged with specific advice about what Bynum could learn from a particular alignment that just played out on the court.

• Bryant seems sure to fire away in Oklahoma City after Kevin Durant stops him on the previous possession, yet then idles down and instead waves Luke Walton into the post so Walton can use his extra three inches and 35 pounds against Kyle Weaver. The result is Walton drawing help and passing for an uncontested Odom jam.

• Bryant stands and yells from the farthest corner of the court in Detroit when he was supposed to be resting on the Lakers’ bench, trying to make sure Jordan Farmar knows while hounding Rodney Stuckey just inside the midcourt stripe that no pick is coming.

• Bryant discreetly sidles up to Jackson in the final seconds of a playoff victory in Houston, acknowledging he hasn’t really been trying to get the ball while the Rockets have been fouling on purpose – wanting to give Ariza, Farmar and Gasol test runs with late-game free throws. "I can go get it," Bryant admits to Jackson.

• Bryant strides over to Fisher early in a Finals game in Orlando while the Magic is shooting foul shots to tell him it’s time for him to get a shot, which he will wind up making. But Bryant also walks down to Gasol to make completely clear how Gasol’s pick must be so Bryant can make his jump pass to Fisher: "Come all the way up to me," Bryant whispers to Gasol.

The last game Sunday night was just more of the same.  Yes!!  More of the same!!!  Next season!!

Victory parade is tomorrow!! 

Have a Wonderful ‘Hump Day’  Not changing songs…..


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One Response to Kobe Bryant… Please Don’t Hate Him!

  1. john says:

    belive you are missing why Kobe is hated by so many people. Step back and see what type of person Kobe is off the court, he should of been sitting in prison for some of his off court antics. A very large doub;le standard.

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