Laker Day in L A!!


Yeah!!  The parade and celebration was today!!  The parade began at the Staples Center and ended at the Los Angeles Coliseum where 150,000+ people awaited!!  Quite the party!!  Magic Johnson and Kareen Abdul Jabbar were there also.  Very well organized and everyone got to speak.  This is too GOOD!!  They even constructed a basketball court in the middle of the Coliseum!!  Unbeleivably GOOD!!!  Especially with Randy Newman’s song “I Love L A” playing!!  I’ll play it on my space today!!  Laker’s theme song!!!



Busing it!


On their way!!


The Coliseum…Packed!!




But other good things happened today (About Time!!).  First, I FINALLY received my replacement Bose headphones.  They are the BEST!!!  Why in the world does it take BOSE a month to slap a label on a box and ship them??  I was getting tired of ear buds…!

I also received my order from Helen Keller,  I mean Harriet Carter!  HEY!!!  No Snickering!!!  lol!  Really comfy slippers and a new hose organizer thing!  Now I just need a 4’ hose!   Also, my wife bought a clothes steamer device, SteamFast, so I had to assemble that!!  After reading the instructions I thought it would be easier constructing a nuclear reactor but I THINK I did it right!!  I’ll know more if I hear screaming!!

My neighbor, Rod, bought a new flag today.  Good for him!!  But he’s old, blind and deaf and was up on his ladder.  That always makes me nervous!!  I didn’t have the nerve to tell him that ‘Flag Day’ was SUNDAY!!

All in all, a Great Day!!!

Take care Yall!!  Weekend soon!!

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3 Responses to Laker Day in L A!!

  1. CAROL says:

    HI BOB.. I would say that any day could be flag day.. SAY IT LOUD..& FLY IT PROUD!! USA!! Hope your week is going well. : )

  2. Grandma's says:

    Wow that is what I call a LOT of people!!You actually read instruction manuals for assembling stuff….I thought most men didn’t do that…..I know, my guys up here don’t (drives me crazy).Good for your neighbor….I have to agree with Carol Dee…any day could be a flag day…lets make that everyday!!One of the things I admire about you Americans is your Patriotism….up here in Canada it is just not the same. Probably because we were under British rule for so long….and now we don’t know who the heck we are….LOL. Hope I haven’t offended any of your other Canadian Blogger friends…but its true….Canadians are not nearly as patriotic.Hey, you have a great day tomorrow 🙂

  3. Greg says:

    They did it!!!

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