Thoughts For A Friday


* My Dad has been ticked at me lately (he lives in NJ and is 88) and wrote me a letter saying to never send him anything again…. So I sent him a plant!!  Happy Fathers Day!!

* Going to visit my wife’s Dad on Sunday. He’s a great guy!!  Hope the U S Open gets rained out!! lol!!  Did you know I hate golf??

* The roadwork our highway department is doing on our streets reminds me of MSN!  All of the inconvenience for improvements and nothing improved.

* Watching my neighbor Rod.  Turned on his sprinklers and got it right in the face!!  Oops!!  That’s what he gets for firing my gardeners.

* F-18 flyover today and I missed it again!!!  Dogs caught it tho…  They fly so low!!  I’ll get a pic someday.

* Dogs are doing much better with their ‘Itchy Scratchy’ thing!!  Strange that Buzz has fleas, Bonnie has itchy skin and Baxter is just a scratchy wannbe!!

* I think that Rascal Flatts is the best band of any genre around!! 

* When exactly did Kid Rock and Def Leopard become Country singers?

* L A Dodgers playing L A Angels this weekend.   When exactly did Anaheim, CA become part of L A??

* Lotteries her are at $57 Million and $48 Million!!  I have tickets for both!

* For some reason, my replacement Bose headphones are better than the original ones!

* Finally, I received some sad news today,,, A dear friend of mine lost her kitty last night.  A pack of Coyotes.  I’m sure he put up a good fight.  Disturbing!!

I’ve run out of thoughts!!  Aren’t you all glad??    Have a GREAT Fathers Day weekend and stay safe.

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7 Responses to Thoughts For A Friday

  1. Cindy says:

    Aww! Bob,Why is your Dad ticked with you?I’m glad the dogs are doing better.

  2. Grandma's says:

    I was going to ask the same thing as Cindy…but then I read the comment you left on her blog. My father-in-law suffered from demetia as well…and there was a point when my hubby couldn’t get anywhere near him because he would swat him with his cane. Terrible thing…Alzheimers and Dementia. Glad the dogs are getting better. Funny that Baxter is just a copy cat. The things dogs will do for attention LOL.We like putting a sock on one of our dogs paws….for some strange reason she starts limping…it is just too funny!!Have a great time on Sunday at Becky’s dads.Take Care Bob(((HUGS)))

  3. Joe says:

    How about that Bob, you can be here on spaces and still Tweet LOL! You always crack me up, I hope you had a great Friday…onto the weekend my friend…blessgins to you.

  4. Sanjana says:

    lmao………seriously bob……..i dunno how you put all those random thoughts together to make a bob…………….how you been……………

  5. Jade says:

    Is Burt in the basement again?cannot believe after that you didnt put a radio transmitter on him LOL!

  6. Sue says:

    Hope your Dad realizes the plant is a peace offering….Anaheim part of LA? If you win the Lottery, I hope you’ll share it with us.

  7. CAROL says:

    Ahhh I keep telling you to go visit him in person.. guess you never will.. : ( any coyote in LA eating a poor little kitty.. that is just tragic! Critters are gettng bolder and coming ,more and more into towns. Have a good weekend… : )

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