At The In-Laws… Yet again


This time the whole family was there.  The three daughters and the three brother-in-laws.  Not quite sure what the occasion was but we had fun!  My niece was there and I told her the story about when she was a baby and constipated, ‘Uncle Bob’ bought some prunes to help.  I would eat one and she would take a bite, over and over!!  The next day she was still constipated but I had to camp out in the bathroom!!  Also about how I was the only one who could make her stop crying and get her to sleep.

Here she is with her grandma at her bridal shower

Wedding Shower2 002

Today, my two brother-in-laws were there.  Jason, Myself and Mike

Inlaws Again 004

Found this sign in my FIL’s garage!

Inlaws Again 003

Oh!  And here’s the missing photo from a previous post!

Inlaws Again 001

We also brought home peaches to can. Blanched and ready to go!

Inlaws Again 002

Our Spaces friends are returning tomorrow and Becky is going to the Flea Market with them.  Then I’ll BBQ Ribs!!  Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Corn on the Cob!  It will be their last night.  Today was Knotts Berry Farm, a scary amusement park!!  Oh those rides!!  LOL!

All for now but I’ll be posting Steph’s pics tomorrowI  Have a Wonderful weekend!!!

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5 Responses to At The In-Laws… Yet again

  1. Grandma's says:

    Oh Uncle Bob…dont ya know how embarrassed the young ones get when you start telling "I remember when" stories. But I must admit that one was noteworthy and funny. Do you still eat prunes??Family get togethers are great no matter the occasion.Looking forward to seeing Steph’s pictures….and that meal you are going to prepare for them…oh my…my mouth is watering.

  2. Pamela says:

    Great story Granny .I,m sure the peache,s helped too. lol You just make me feel so comphee letting me know hoe the Famley,s doing & you have & There great looking too . You make me feel like my Great Granny is alive & still with me .Thank you for sharing, Your the greatest friend I have on myspace, Oh by the way my birthday is sunday the 28th so have a peach pie & rember me & don,t forget to put a scoup of ice cream on top,i,ll be 56 my great granny would have been 109 if she was alive. She raised me Love,Peace & JoyYoue friend in Jesus Pammiejo

  3. CAROL says:

    Sounds exciting around your place Bob.. nice peaches I love those.. as always coming here makes me hungry!! : D Have fun with your spaces friends looking forward to a full report!!! Take care : )

  4. Sue says:

    Wow, so much excitment! Love the peaches—now THOSE I can eat—in moderation, of course. Look forward to more pics! Have a cool weekend, if you can!!!

  5. Jade says:

    thats just the shower?-Man!Now thats a picture of "men’s men" 😀

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