Our Last Night and Dinner!

Well, tonight was our last night with Steph and her family.  They spent the day at the Flea Market and then ne last trip to the beach.  I kinda think they had a fun week!  We topped it off by having a Huge BBQ! 

Six slabs of babyback ribs… GONE!

Guest's Last Night 010 Guest's Last Night 013

5 lbs of twice baked potatoes… GONE!

Guest's Last Night 016

Watermelon… GONE!

Guest's Last Night 006 Guest's Last Night 014

Before the feast…  And during!

Guest's Last Night 015 Guest's Last Night 007 Guest's Last Night 009

Guest's Last Night 012

Their friend McKenna was the sweetest girl!!  She did 90% of the cleanup

Guest's Last Night 008 Guest's Last Night 018

This is me preparing the ribs

Guest's Last Night 001 Guest's Last Night 002 Guest's Last Night 003

This is Steph and me

Guest's Last Night 005

And her beautiful daughter Alaura

Guest's Last Night 004

Then as they packed up, it seemed that our guest room exploded!!  LOL!

Guest's Last Night 019

Dennis goofing around!

Guest's Last Night 017 Guest's Last Night 020 

And then, OUT!!

Guest's Last Night


Long week for them but we had a great time!  Maybe their best visit ever!!  I’m gonna let Steph post her Disneyland pics on her space (http://kittyscattitude.spaces.live.com/, so stop by her space and check them out!

 This song is too funny!!  ME, 35 years ago!!  Have a GREAT Sunday!

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6 Responses to Our Last Night and Dinner!

  1. artsylady says:

    Bob, wish I had been there for those ribs. YUM! You and Becky are so open and kind hearted. You really do good by your guests. Glad you all had a wonderful time. I guess you’ve wet my appetite, but alas, that is not in my kitchen. Shucks! Have a peaceful and relaxing Sunday. Jeanne

  2. Joe says:

    I’m glad you had such a good visit my friend, I’d be afraid to do anything that would offend you…now….now, just put down the knife LOL! You look like a great host and the food looked out of this world!

  3. Sue says:

    There you go again—more pictures of scrumptious food! Bob, bob, bob….you are determined to make me drool at my computer! Glad your dinner party went well and if we’re ever in your neck of the woods, you can bet we’ll stop by!!!!

  4. sweeti's says:

    ohh jesus Bob somuch food..i think ur guests felt with their ass in the butter …( we say that like that haha)but when i come…only the watermelon oke/??ohhh and i wanna go to Disneyland to …Njoy ur week im going to office with my newcycle ….brrrrrrrrrrrbe well and a big smile for uMJ

  5. Jade says:

    what fun – so great you guys got together!

  6. Ms Noanie says:

    Hi Bob!!! Thanks for missing me! Looks like you’ve been keeping yourself plenty busy! Now that was a lot of food you cooked!I did a whole lot of cooking for the party I had on Saturday – over 50 people at my house. This was the first party ever that I hosted by myself – it is a lot of work! But it all turned out well and the weather was great!Just on thing, remind me not to mess with you when you’ve got that knife in your hand! :)Be well. Peace

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