Please forgive me if I misspell some words but I have a problem.  I lost my glasses (latest prescription) 2 months ago and have been using my back-up glasses (2 years old ).  I had to Super Glue them together but they worked ok.  Yesterday a lens fell out and of course, I stepped on it!  I’m now down to either my 9 year old ones or my prescription sunglasses, neither of which are ideal.  Called my eye doctor this morning but she can’t take me until Friday!  NO WAY!!!  Anyhow, it looks as if my only option is WalMart!!  YIKES!!  They are checking to see if they take my wife’s insurance…. it varies month to month.  So for now I’m pretty much blind!  Drove to the store and luckily I made it back home but I have a splitting headache!!  Off to Wally World!


Back from WalMart!!  ARRRGGH!!  Always an adventure!  Found frames that I like and since I had an eye exam done less than a year go, I’m going with the same script.  Cool frames!!  They called our insurance company (AETNA) and they said No Problem.  Well, there was a problem!!  They (AETNA) were supposed to cover 100% of the cost of the frames and 50% of the lenses.  The glasses cost $441 and they paid $98!!  Then I was told it would take 5 DAYS to get my glasses!  When I go back to pick them up there will be words!!  Mainly with AETNA!!  That’s AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY!!

Anyhow, Our WalMart has a McDonald’s (what a perfect match!) so I got something to eat.  Worst McDonalds EVER!!  But I did get to people-watch.  You NEVER want to snap photos in Wally World!! Could be dangerous!  What a scary bunch of freaks!!  Me included!!  LOL!  So now I’m stuck with these ‘blinders’ for 4 more days.  Hopefully I’ll be able to see by Friday…..

I had a difficult time choosing a song but I’ve always liked this one.  Especially the Banjo in the background,  Just enough!

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6 Responses to Glasses

  1. Jude says:

    Ummm…Bob? How did you see to drive???? It’s a damn good thing I’m waaaaay up north here! ;-)Take care and talk soon 🙂

  2. Dana says:

    "Mr Magoo hits Walmart" LOL I finally bought at the dollar store a tiny glasses repair kit. I didn’t know they had those. Both of these kids wear glasses! It comes with 3 tiny screwdrivers, tiny screws, and those nose piece things. I have taken apart so many glasses in the attempt to fix theirs! Geesh. Now I’m ready! I lost the lens out of my prescription bifocals and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t working when i was trying to read. Duh-oy Now I just use reading glasses. 3 bucks.. I’m a cheap read LOL

  3. Grandma's says:

    I love Dana’s "Mr. Magoo hits Walmart" LOLSince you can’t see all that well, and probably don’t wear your prescription sunglasses in the house….I just want to caution you….DO NOT STEP ON YOUR DOGS….thought I had better put that in upper case so you can read it.Anyway my "blind as a bat" friend….may the Lord lead you through the next 4 days.*Hugs and Blessings*~Karin~

  4. Sue says:

    yeah, Mr. Magoo does comes to mind! Hope you can see well enough for four whole days. I always keep a back-up pair of prescription sun glasses in my car and all my "old" glasses in a drawer at home…just in case. You’re right about being upset with the Insurance company and their crazy policies of NOT PAYING more. That’s ridiculous. I’d rather deal with CostCo on glasses than WalMart any day. At least they give you a good price on up-to-date frames. Good luck with it all and we’ll SEE you soon!

  5. Joe says:

    Ugh, I hate trouble with persciptions for glasses or in my case contacts. I lost my contacts in an event that will go down in history as one of the most absent minded situations I’ve ever been in…I don’t even want to talk about it LOL! We’ve got a McDs in our Wally world too and yes, it’s a zoo here too! I wouldn’t dream of taking pictures over there…even though I’m a concealed weapon permit holder!

  6. Beth says:

    Good luck with the glasses Bob.

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