Venting Tonight!!!

 Where do I start??  I’ve been waiting all week for AT&T to change my landline over to my iPhone.  Today, no dial tone on the land line….. finally!!  However they neglected to add it the iPhone!  Now I have to go in tomorrow and get, I hope, a new SIM card!!  AT&T is the worst!!
Called Walmart today and STILL no glasses after 5 days?  I told the woman that I was switching between prescription sunglasses and my 9 year old backups.  She said she would ‘expidite’ them and I may have made the mistake of asking if she knew how to spell the word ‘expidite’!  OOPS!!  Then I found out that LensCrafters has a Huge sale!  Buy the frames and get the lenses free and the eye exam is 50% off!!   DOH!!!
I have applied for Social Security and I will get it.  But I’ve TRIED to apply for Disability twice and when I get to the end of the 3 hour form, I get booted!!  The form is unbeleivable!!  They ask for my doctors names, addresses and phone numbers at least 8 times and one of them has died!!  Our Federal Governments S****s!!  They should have all of my info right there!!  I had to use a magnifying glass tonight just to read their form!
Venting is over!!  lol!
GOOD NEWS!!  I picked up Pizza from our favorite little Mom and Pop place tonight!!  THE BEST!!  And check those prices!!
This is Giorgio!!!  Very nice man and can he ever make a Pizza!!
I want this oven!!!!
Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday!!  I hope you all have a GREAT weekend and hopefully I will get my phone working and be able to see again!
Bye for now!
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13 Responses to Venting Tonight!!!

  1. Dana says:

    Hey Magoo… Call your SS office and tell them the form only got partially filled out, make an appt with them and they have to help you finish it. They’ll require and appt with you anyway so at least make them work for their paycheck. I did my hubby’s online but got so burnt out doing it told him to finish it with the SS office. SO he did and they helped him. Somtimes they’ll even ask you the questions over the phone and complete it that way. ANd why are you getting an itty bitty phone and trying to mess with it blind anyway? You’re going to end up calling someone in Iran and then getting arrested by homeland security! You won’t even see them coming! Can you see my pointing———–> LOL

  2. Lori BJ says:

    wow, love those prices. and look how clean that floor is. wow – i bet the health department is a pleased with them as you are.sorry bout the probs and delays – bumps in the road make the ride eventful. And who wants a boaring life? lol

  3. Beth says:

    Love pizza, it’s my favorite food.

  4. Shelly says:

    ss sucks! For sure…. it’s amazing to me the hoops they make you jump through. And then notify you 79 weeks later that they forgot to ask you for xyz. UGH! I know your frustrations my friend. Did you know you must have cancer 1 entire year before you can get SSD??? And you can’t get unemployment either cuz your not fit enough to work. So you just lose everything! Not to smart. I hope you get those darn glasses soon, I can only imagine the headaches from this. OUCH! I’m having Pizza Uno tonight. YUMMO! And about that oven, ummmm what the heck would ya need that for other than PIZZA??? tee hee ha ha Have a great weekend. Thanks for the kind words you always give me sending luv and hugs your way. xoxoxo

  5. Sue says:

    Don’t you just LOVE those little ma-and-pa businesses??!!! Sad to hear it is so hard to get disability—hubby was thinking about getting it, but after hearing how hard it is to get through the forms, I think I’ll try to dissuade him. I wish they’d get their act together with those glasses—you should just CANCEL the order with them and go the LensCrafters—it’d be faster and probably cheaper too!

  6. Joe says:

    Such a crazy mess with the phone, glasses and the forms you had to fill out, yikes! I think you’re doing better with it then I would. That pizza place does look to have some fantastic prices and good pizza to boot? Nice! I hope you get your phone up and running soon, have a great Friday!

  7. CAROL says:

    WELL BOB you sure have your troubles huh! I hope things get settled for you so you can SEE and TALK on the phone.. ; )PIZZA don’t get it often but love it.. That fella looks like he has been making them for YEARS.. Dana is right call nd make an appt and make them do the work!!! Take care and have a nice weekend. : )

  8. J W says:

    Social Security disability is nearly impossible to obtain. Being disabled myself, I feel your pain. As for Walmart, this man won’t set foot in their door. Any leftover pizza send it my way. BTW, these new cell phones are way over my old head!!….grin. Good luck. Lenscrafters has always been the best choice for me.J.W.L.

  9. Jean says:

    If you need help on the forms, call me. The reason most people get turned down is the way they fill out the forms! I did it for years for AIDS patients, and got mine first try! I’m very patient with forms, so they don’t bother me.. after 30 years in nursing, they can’t throw any forms at me I can’t handle!!LOL SS isn’t bad at all, if you understand how to fill out the forms.. And cancer patients can get immediate help, if you know how to ask.. They never have to wait a year!! My bff down the road got it in 4 weeks when she was diagnosed.. Just look at it as a challenge!lolhugs,Jean

  10. Twila says:

    Oh Bob….AT&T is absolutely the worst! That’s why we switched to Verizon. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I was here….finally. With Kaeden gone, I actually have a few minutes to myself on my own computer. Yeah! Looks like a great place to get a pizza, by the way.Hope you and Becky have a wonderful weekend and that you get your glasses!

  11. Jaysey says:

    That looks like a GREAT pizza place! My kind of joint!Good luck with the forms!

  12. Duckie says:

    Most get turned down the first time out. I got approved to my surprise, first time out. Just remain persistent.

  13. Babblelot says:

    Yea!! You got approved! I hear for disablility it takes a long time and a few times trying.Georgio looks like a lovable guy. I have never met an Italian I didn;t like.

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