OK, OK!! My Turn!!

This is Bonnie!  Who did you expect? 

Bonnie 001

I have a few bones to pick (get it??  Yeah, I didn’t think so!).  That idiot who forces me to call him Dad, screwed up and left me alone with his internet thing turned on.  I read what that stupid lug Buzz wrote yesterday.  Birthday, smirthday!!  He doesn’t even know how old he is!  He waddles around here like an old man… Just like dad!!  If Buzz really wants to know his age, I say cut him in half and count the rings!! 

Oh yeah!!  I DID get his treats, the big wimp!  And I took my sweet time eating them too!  Right in front of him!  Baxter just ran off, probably under the bed.  Right now I’m waiting for the street-sweeper to drive by so I can bark my cute head off!  If I could just get ahold of that &%!)*@$ guy, I’d show him!!  And he’s late today!!  He’s worse than the UPS guy, the mail person and that idiot trash collector combined!!  Oh wait!!  Here he comes…….!! Be right back!

I feel better now!  But while I was on this internet machine I found this that my Dad had sent to all of you…

Dog Clothes 001

And THIS!!

Dog Clothes 002

What the H*&% was he thinking?  He WILL pay!!  Anyhow peeps, I have to go.  I have a busy day, like beating up that wimp Baxter, harassing Buzz and seeking revenge against my human and napping on his pillow for hours!  He hates that.

Catch ya later, Bonnie

PS:  This is Bob.  I’m sooo sorry and I apologize for Bonnie’s post.  She has a mean streak that comes out once in awhile.  She’s napping somewhere now so I’d better check my pillow!  I’ll be back with my OWN post tomorrow and I’ll try to keep my dogs off of here!!

Take care!!

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9 Responses to OK, OK!! My Turn!!

  1. Fizz says:

    I think I know where she gets her mean streak from…

  2. Shelly says:

    Wow a wolf in sheeps clothing! tee hee!! to bonnie: I’ve never not liked a dog, and I’m not gonna start w/ you. I’m not much bigger than you and I would not allow you to pick on your brothers. NOR you humans. So you best learn to be nice Or I will feed you to the street cleaning machine! Tee hee….Have a Woofy day!

  3. GreatGranny says:

    Oh Bonnie, you seem to be in a bad mood today. Are you jealous of Buzz? You know you’re a cute girl and loved by your brothers, so be nice to them. What would you do with the UPS truck if you caught it? We cats don’t chase cars and trucks. We just chase the silly laser light, cause it makes our humans happy. Be good to Dad. Your friend, Kassey

  4. J W says:

    I’d be in an ill mood myself if someone dressed me like that….Bonnie really does looked pissed. Hey, my Yorkshire Terriers won’t even let us put a bow in their hair. BTW, how do get the fur off your pillow? Shop vac?J.W.L.

  5. Lori BJ says:

    oh bonnie girl bonnie girl…. mmm, mmmm , mmm [shakingmy head] it could be worse. He could have dresses you in a foo foo tu tu and made ya stand up and twirl. be nice to the house mates or you might have to dance for us yet.

  6. Joe says:

    LOL, Bob, I’m pretty sure you must have broken a few laws somewhere dressing a dog up like that!

  7. Jade says:

    Take care Bob… ((HUG)))

  8. Stephanie says:

    Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie… admit it, you’re part cat! Lisa loves your attitude and wants to steal you away from Bob! Psssst the plans are in the works! I’m thinking a stuffed toy that barks and he won’t notice you’re gone! lol BIG HUGS, Steph

  9. Silver says:

    lol have u been drinking?? ;o)

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