My Favorite Mascot!!


The Phillie Phanatic!!  LOL!! 


I was watching the Phillies dismantle the Cubs tonight and as usual, he did his ‘thing’!


He absolutely kills me, especially when he rides his ATV around the field and stops at the visiting team’s dugout and makes fun of them!!  They throw water and sunflower seeds at him but then that LONG tongue shoots out and he’s off!


He especially loves to go after the umpires!!  LOL!!!  I Love this one!!!



Now I’m not saying he isn’t a cross-dresser but he sure is entertaining!!


Here’s what WikiPedia has to say!

The Phillie Phanatic is the official mascot of the Philadelphia Phillies Major League Baseball team. A fat furry green creature that somewhat resembles a bird from the rear view with a cylindrical beak containing a tongue that sticks out. He was created by Harrison/Erickson of New York City (now known as Acme Mascots), who have had ties with Jim Henson‘s Muppets and the team’s marketing and promotions department during the winter after the 1977 season by a young executive named Dennis Lehman, who thought that the team needed a mascot similar to San Diego‘s Famous Chicken. Instead of a number on the back of his uniform shirt he wears a star.


  • He ritually taunts the visiting team, dancing provocatively in front of their dugout, and smashing or stomping on an object, such as a batting helmet, representing the team.
  • Standing on the roof of the Phillies dugout, he leads the crowd in attempts to "hex" the opposing pitcher, which led to the short-lived "Whammy Hand" used in the 2007 National League Division Series against the Colorado Rockies.
  • Occasionally he takes pitching practice in the bullpen. This is announced on the stadium video screen.
  • During pre-game practice, he has been known to steal fielders’ gloves and throw them to fans.
  • The Phanatic had a favorite umpire in the late Eric Gregg, and would greet him enthusiastically on the field when Gregg was in charge.
  • He sometimes shoots hot dogs into the stands using the Hatfield Hot Dog Launcher.

But his favorite target was always Tommy Lasorda of the L A Dodgers!!  Lasorda would get so angry that he would go after him!

Los Angeles Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda famously assaulted the Phillie Phanatic during a nationally televised game after the Phanatic stomped on a life sized dummy donned with Lasorda’s uniform.

The Phanatic also has the dubious distinction of being the most sued mascot in sports. Most notably, the Phillies had to pay a judgment of $2.5 million to a man at a paint store event when the Phanatic jumped the patron with a rough-house bear hug, from which the man sustained serious back injuries.

The Phillie Phanatic’s head disappeared from the Wachovia Center during the Phillies’ Final Pieces charity sale and auction in 2004. Tom Burgoyne had taken off the costume for a break then found the head missing when he returned. One week later someone anonymously called a disc jockey, saying he found the head and that he would bring it to the radio station. Police arrested Bernard Bechtel, 37, of Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, after he brought the $3,000 head to the station. Bechtel was charged with felony theft.

"Phun Phacts"

So the next time you see  Phillies game on TV, check it out!!!



As hard as Bonnie tried, she couldn’t keep up with me last night!

Bonnie Mae 001

Bonnie Mae 002

Payback time came this morning when I awoke to find her sleeping on my head!  I Really wish she wouldn’t do that!


Today’s female Country artist is Carrie Underwood, along with Randy Travis, she of American Idol fame!

Have a GREAT Tuesday!!  See? I remembered what day it is!! 

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7 Responses to My Favorite Mascot!!

  1. Dee says:

    Not familiar with this Mascot, but I’ll look if I surf to a Phillies game. LOL Sorry, Bob….Braves here. Bonnie’s looking cute here, waiting for Dad to go to bed, I bet. Good Tuesday !!

  2. Joe says:

    I don’t know much about team mascots either, shock of shocks I’m not an avid sports fan period…woa there parnder…don’t keel over LOL! Funny pictures of your dog my friend! I don’t think I’d ever walk again if I slept like that!

  3. Jude says:

    The Philly Phanatic is awesome! heheheI still like the Expos mascot, though! 😉

  4. ♥ Aimee says:

    :o)~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  5. CAROL says:

    WELL I am commenting and it is WEDNESDAY so now you should be totally messed up! All of us have a week like that now and then. Take care : )

  6. Louise says:

    awww bless just look at her hehehe. I hope youre feeling better Bob. I have Norman troubles and neighbours from hell troubles lol, nowt new I’m afraid lol.(((BIG HUGS))) and loads of bright blessings xxx

  7. Flufy says:

    LOVE the mascot. So much so – I WANT ONE!!!Hope you’re doing well and gearing up for the weekend.Love n hugsFluffxxx

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