This morning a strange incident took place in my neighborhood.  Stanger than normal!  LOL

Today was the day that Goodwill was schedule to pick up bags of used clothing for the homeless and for their thrift stores.  The first incident happened when two Mexicans came by and threw our 3 bags in their car and took off.  The neighborhood immediately went to Red Alert!  About one hour later, two Vietnamese women drove up and began checking other bags.  My neighbor Tom (redneck #2) and I confronted them and they began screaming at us, in that shrilly voice that they have, and said they were ‘only looking’.  Right!! 

About that time, the two Mexicans returned and Tom, brave soul that he is, forced them to stop.  In the meantime, I took pics of their license plates.  That just made the Vietnamese more angry.  So as Tom and I confronted them and kept them busy, his Mom called the police.  Two squad cars pulled up, I showed them the photos and the police took them away.  Later in the day their cars were impounded.  Oh, by the way!  The Vietnamese drove a Lexus and the Mexicans a BMW!!  Wonder how they can afford those cars? The police officer said this happens all the time but rarely get caught.  There were a dozen neighbors out there!!  Yea neighborhood!!  Just not right stealing from the homeless!!  My neighbors might be goofy at times but we DO stick together!!


I had to buy a new mouse.  I went online to Dell and they had the one I wanted for $25 so I ordered it.  After 10 days I went to their site to check on my order status.  Well, Dell decided to discontinue that model so they cancelled my order!!  Of course, they couldn’t let me know.  So I went online to WalMart and found the exact same model for $12.98!  I went to Wally World (2 blocks away) and found it.  Only difference was, It was now $9.98!!!  It’s a Great Logitec, corded, optical one that works very smoothly.  When I got home I opened the package and out fell the ‘Installation Instructions.  It was a huge fold-out sheet written in eight languages.  It said, ‘Step 1.  Insert cord into you USB port’s. There was no step 2!  LOL!!  Way to kill a tree!!! Surprisingly, it didn’t come packed in one of those plastic clamshell things….  Just cardboard.  Nice!

It’s FRIDAY!!!  YEA!!!!  I hope you all have a Wonderful weekend!!!!!  And since it’s the weekend, I thought I’d play something upbeat!  How about some Cajun??  Mary Chapin Carpenter!!!

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10 Responses to Busted!!!

  1. Joe says:

    You’re the man Bob, you’re right that is stealing from the homeless and it should be stopped. Isn’t that something about them not only not telling you but overcharging when it was available? Man, you beat the system on this one…congrats! Have a wonderful Friday!

  2. Sanjana says:

    hey bob…………….are we stil on for tonight ??? tell me waht time im already online……

  3. CAROL says:

    WOO HOO.. glad you found out how the neighbors stick together. WISH that would happen here too. ROTTEN to the core stealing from those who dont have anything ..just plain SICK! Pays to shop around doesn’t it!!! Have a great weekend! : )

  4. Sue says:

    Glad to hear about the mouse! So nice when you get a deal like that. And that’s the reason Goodwill and other charities around here have discontinued use of donation bins, that they used to have set up at strategic places around the city to make it easy for you to just drop off your unwanted items. Too many people were going through the stuff in the bins and leaving it all over the place. How low is that! So now the charities have run trucks around to pick it up. Sad, very sad.

  5. Sue says:

    Good for you and your neighbors to get those thieving goons. Hey, I’m surprised you opted for a "corded" mouse. I LOVE my cordless one that works with a AA battery. I just plug the clip (that fits on the underside of the mouse) into the USB port and you can use the mouse anywhere within 6 feet of the computer—no cords to get tangled at all. The only downside is that you have to unplug the USB clip and stick it back into the mouse when you’re done at the computer (cause that turns the battery off). Love my cordless mouse! I think they run around $14 and mine seems to be lasting well—plus to you can take them to any computer and use them.

  6. Sanjana says:

    Bob you free now??????im online right now………….

  7. Jude says:

    Holy….I wish people would take some of the crap in my back yard! hahahaBut I always take my donations into the drop off points for Salvation Army and such because I want to ensure they’re going to get where they need to go.

  8. Twila says:

    Well, looks like you got to stick it to Dell anyway. Good for you! LOL….Love that those thievin’ thugs got busted! Serves ’em right! Have a great Sunday and say hi to Becky for me!

  9. Fizz says:

    It takes a special breed of person to steal from the homeless… must be your cast off’s are some good stuff. Glad the neighborhood stuck together, you’re right, they maybe goofy, but at least they stick together…

  10. Dana says:

    I know this blog is dated but this was a good one. The first one I’ve read since being back! You always make me chuckle. When we lived in Alaska our landlord at the time had paid (with her church) for a vietnamese family to move to the US. They paid their entire trip and they were allowed to live in a huge home owned by my landlord for free. (We paid 850) The children of this family use to come in the night (we caught them) and steal all our children’s things out of our fenced yard. We took pics of them doing this and showed this to our landlord and she said "They come from impovrished means you have to give them leeway" HELL WHAT? So instead I called the police on them and showed them the pics and they spoke with them.. that’s it. It was very hard to explain to my children why it was okay for that family to steal and get away with it. Thank goodness we bought a house about 4 mths after that ..far away from that family!

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