Our small town decided it was time to do some road work….. Two months ago!  It’s the main street that you have to use to get anywhere.  One lane open each way with a 6 foot ditch on both sides.  So far there has been alot of dirt movin’ and LOTS of rest breaks!  You can always find the crew, and I use that term loosely, sitting on the shady side of the many trucks just parked there.  This is NOT normal!  When my street was paved a few years ago, it took 5 days including new curbs and a few driveway replacements.    Of course they were city workers and these clowns are contractors.  The most work I’ve seen done has been to dig up the street and move dirt from one place to another…. and then back!!  LOL

Today they finally laid down the first load of asphalt  Keep in mind, I’m talking about only FOUR blocks!!  I tried to take photos but either couldn’t find a place to pull over or I was threatened and chased away!!  It looks as if they have paid more for caution signs then on actual repairs.  I’ll try again for pics.


Funny thing the other morning!  Bonnie was sleeping near my head and as I rolled over, half asleep, I thought she was my pillow!!  So I ‘fluffed’ her up and laid my head on her!  Well, that didn’t last long but I did get a good face-licking!!  Guess she liked it!!  As for me?  Ummm…. I was out of bed!!!


And finally…

The Burger King in Sunset Hills, Mo., has a no shoes, no shirt, no service policy, And baby, do they enforce it!  Workers asked Jennifer Frederick to leave on Sunday because her 6-month-old had no shoes.

Burger King and it’s franchisees have since apologized for taking the policy a bit far!  Give me a break!!

Music tonight???  Thinking Rodney Adkins!  I should have played this one sooner….

Have a Wonderful weekend Yall!!!

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5 Responses to Miscellaneous

  1. Joe says:

    There was a similar display of dysfunction with some work (and I also use that term sarcastically) on the golf course that also involved a drainage system that prevents flooding around here. They tore it all up made a nice mess and then sort of half heartedly quit doing anything with it and now we’re under a flash flood watch as another gully washer is headed this way…gee, thanks guys! That is absolutely ridiculous with Burger King of course but then in a politically correct society stupidy always reigns supreme. Music for me? P.O.D. – Draw the line off their first album "Snuff the Punk"…sorry man, that’s just the way it’s got to be. Have a good night.

  2. CAROL says:

    The city or someone in charge should see the NON PROGRESS and that’s probably why they dont want you takin their pictures. Work ethic these days stinks I am sure. they want to get paid for doin nothing instead of something. Disgusting what they get away with.. have a nice weekend : )

  3. Sue says:

    Sounds like a lot of malingering going on to me. But that’s what happens when they are paid hourly. Hope the work gets done eventually…and have a great weekend! Dog pillows—what a great idea!!!

  4. Dana says:

    You’ve got to play a Ricky Skaggs one for me since I just was right there almost in his face at a FREE concert in our local park!!! Look at my pics. I was THAT close! It was so great!

  5. Fizz says:

    That’s a hoot… don’t think any of my greyhounds could be mistaken for a pillow. That construction sounds like Houston…. they decide to put all of the roads going to the same location under construction, so that no matter what, it takes forever to get where you need to get to…

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