What Was She Thinking?


Colorado woman who fed bears is killed by one

You might want to think twice before reading this.  Oh Yeah,  Now that I said that you want to read this even more!!

Donna Munson, 74, considered the black bears that swarmed across her land in southwestern Colorado to be her pets.
She fed them dog food and scraps — poking the food through a metal fence she built around her porch — attracting so many bears that neighbors sometimes counted as many as 14 on her property at a time.

On Friday, one of them killed and ate Munson, slashing her head through the fence and dragging her body underneath it.

"She was dead set on continuing to feed the bears, and unfortunately, she paid the ultimate price," said Ouray County Sheriff’s Investigator Joel Burk, who had to shoot a bear that tried to approach Munson’s remains as he interviewed witnesses.
If Munson’s death is the worst consequence that can result when people get too familiar with wild animals, her actions were extreme, Tyler Baskfield, spokesman for the Colorado Division of Wildlife, said Tuesday.

What’s with THIS???

Young Bear

Her death is one of the rare instances in which bears have killed people in Colorado; officials have recorded two other fatal attacks since they began keeping track in the 1960s.
For the last decade, Munson had developed a reputation for doting on wildlife at her log cabin in Ouray County, about 190 miles southwest of Denver. She fed bears, skunks, elk and stray cats, said Tammy York, 36, who boarded with Munson seven years ago.

She described Munson as a sweet woman whose husband had died years ago and who seemed to have little contact with people. "I think she really loved them and loved to watch them," York said.
And Munson and others were watched in return. "It was like being in a zoo. We looked at the animals, but they also looked in our windows," she said.
When bears began breaking into nearby homes — apparently seeking the dog food they were accustomed to getting from Munson — neighbors complained. Wildlife officers tried to persuade her to stop, Baskfield said.

It didn’t work, and last year the state sent her a letter warning that it would pursue legal action if Munson didn’t stop.
When she continued, officers began working on building a case against her, Baskfield said.
But state law requires proof that a person is knowingly feeding wildlife, and Baskfield said officers didn’t have the evidence they needed to issue a citation. He said he doubted a $100 fine would have stopped Munson.

"To friends and family she trusted, she would tell them, yes, she was feeding the bears, but they were harmless, they were her friends. She was helping them and they would help her," Burk said. "When people told her she was in danger, she would refute that, saying, ‘These are my pets, my babies.’ "
On Thursday, the night before her death, Munson made reference to one of those "babies" as she spoke on the phone with a relative. "Oh, the little bear is here. I need to go and take care of the little bear," Burk said Munson told a family member.

The next day, a man arrived at her home to ask about a painting job and spotted her body, Burk said.
Munson apparently was standing inside her porch when a bear swiped at her face through the fence, Burk said. An autopsy released this week indicated that she was unconscious when the bear pulled her underneath the fence into the yard. Her walker was found inside the fence, Burk said.
"It was one of the more gruesome scenes I’ve dealt with," he said.
Burk was interviewing witnesses at the scene when a 250-pound bear approached, ignoring deputies as it tried to reach Munson’s remains. "It had no fear," said Burk, who ushered witnesses into his car, retrieved a shotgun and shot the animal.

A 400-pound bear was shot the next morning as it nosed around the scene. An autopsy revealed human flesh and Munson’s shirt in its stomach.
In the nearby community of Ouray, some are upset with Munson for endangering them, said Christine Kersen, owner of Apteka, a liquor store on the town’s main street.
Feeding the bears was foolish, she said. "They’re wild animals. They’re not pets."

My heart goes out to her but Damn!!!


And Finally…..


Watch out for falling fish

A woman in Ohio is telling a fish story about one that got away — from a bird, and damaged her car.

Authorities in northwest Ohio say the fish — a Lake Erie freshwater drum, known as a sheepshead — smashed a car windshield Tuesday when an eagle dropped its catch from a height of about 40 feet.

Leighann Niles said the impact felt like a brick hitting her Toyota’s windshield.

The woman from the Cleveland suburb of South Euclid was vacationing along the lake in Marblehead.

I can’t access my music files so you are stuck with this song.  As if anyone listens….  LOL!  OH!!  Fileden is back!!  New Brad Paisley song.

Friday!!  Whooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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9 Responses to What Was She Thinking?

  1. Joe says:

    I read the one about the bear lady…geez! Here in Montana there’s plenty of folks that have had bad encounters with bears…an off duty cop was the most recent one I heard about…he had a .44 mag though so he came out of it alive. How about that with the fish! Talk about flying fish! Sorry about the music…don’t worry, nobody ever listens to mine either!

  2. john says:

    We get lots of tourists here and they think feeding the wildlife is cute. I’ve watched em hold up treats for the bears and other critters. Yellowstone used to be the worst. Read where a woman spread jam an her face for the bear to lick off. Bear finished and sat down draging its claws across the woman’s breasts. ouch. People just do not understand wildlife. they are just that wild,,,wild.another thing in Colorado the greenies got a change in the hunting laws for bears, a season was shortened. The wildlife people predicted that the bear population would increase…..that it did. Some laws sound good but they do not understandthere are consquences at times. There have ,many bear encounters, dogs and cats eaten, people attacked etc. We are also moving into bear country.Used to find bear scat in my drive when i lived in foothills. There were neighbors on other side of village that did the same, put out food.falling fish, eagle has weak talons or talons broke to lose a fish. Their talons lock up when they grasp something and do not release until pressure is taken off. or had poor grasp of fishy subject.

  3. Grandma's says:

    Well, what can I say….I guess she died doing what she loved best. Sad..but then so are many other things in this world. In this case, however, I would have to say the poor bear that was shot paid the ultimate price. God gave us dominion over animals….he gave us brains (or at least most of us)…and if we abuse that power ultimately it is the animals that suffer. Wasn’t there a guy up in Alaska who lived with bears, made videos…and then was found, along with his girlfriend in the stomach of a bear? Just saw a documentary on that about a month ago. I know, this sounds harsh….but don’t get me wrong….I feel sorry for the poor lady…but she was the author of her own misfortune.Now the fish story…that is something else …wow…hope the lady wasn’t hurt!!Fileden is back? Oh goody!! I lost the URL for Richard Marx’s "I’ll be right here waiting for you" hint, hint :-)Hope you and Becky have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.Hugz

  4. Adrian says:

    The bear incident was a very foolish and probably an arrogant move ("babies") by Munson, and the price is always very harsh! :(Adrian

  5. maillady says:

    Incredibly irresponsible!

  6. Jude says:

    What in the world was she thinking?? Hell, when we had the black bear getting into (and emptying) our garbage, we didn’t think "oh, that’s cute, let’s feed it some more"….we thought "let’s make sure that bear doesn’t come back"…..sheesh, some people, hey?Hope you’ve had a good week and that you’re looking forward to the weekend 🙂

  7. Sue says:

    Well, I’m a city girl through and through, but some of us do have enough brains to realise ‘feeding bear = really, really dumb thing to do!’ While I’m sorry the woman died, I am more sorry for the poor bear who was acting on instinct. Bears are amazing and beautiful animals – from a safe distance, and we should never lose sight of what they are capable of.

  8. Fizz says:

    Man… talk about delusional… feeding the bears is dangerous. And now, she’s dead, they’re not frightened of people and the rest of the community is going to have to deal with the mess she created. I’m sorry she died, but that was really foolish. Really.Dood… that’s a hoot about the fish…

  9. J W says:

    I’m just glad pigs and cows don’t fly. This poor woman failed to heed warnings but she did not deserve her fate. This has happened in the mountains of Tennessee also. BTW, my uncle had a vulture fly through his windshield once. I think he said he wet his pants!! Serious problems await those who defy nature’s elements and animals. Humanity is so slow to learn.J.W.L.

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