Les Paul | 1915-2009


A wonderful man passed away yesterday who will never be forgotten by guitarists everywhere and musicians worldwide.


Les Paul and his wife, Mary Ford, perform on guitar. Paul, 94, the guitarist and inventor who changed the course of music with the electric guitar and multitrack recording, has died.


In 1953, Mary Ford and Les Paul strum in the television studio that serves as their workroom at their Oakland, N.J., home. The couple liked to test their records to see how they would sound to jukebox listeners.


On a 1950s-era European tour, Ford and Paul conduct an interview with Radio Free Europe in Munich, Germany.


Les Paul repairs one of the many control boards used for recording in his New Jersey home. Paul died Thursday in White Plains, N.Y.


From left, Chet Atkins, Dolly Parton, Freddy Fender and Les Paul at the 19th annual Grammy Awards, where Parton and Fender presented awards to Aktins and Paul.


Les Paul, left, and Al Di Meola at Paul’s home recording studio in July 1980.


Guitar designer Les Paul, center, with guitarist Jeff Beck at left, signs Jimmy Page’s chest. Paul had just signed the former Led Zeppelin member’s guitar. The revelry was part of a 72nd birthday party thrown for Les Paul by the Gibson Guitar Co. at New York’s Hard Rock Cafe.


Paul McCartney tries out a custom-made left-handed "Les Paul Lite" presented to him by designer Les Paul in New York.


Guitar guru Paul, left, and Slash team up at a House of Blues show.


A 1959 Gibson Les Paul guitar, at Norman’s Rare Guitars in Reseda.


A rare Gibson Les Paul flame-top guitar is among about 50 vintage guitars for sale at a 1998 auction.


Gibson Les Paul No. 9 comes from a numbered series that Pete Townshend carried on the road during the band’s ’70’s heyday. The image is from the book "Treasures of the Hard Rock Cafe: The Original Guide to the Hard Rock Cafe Memorabilia Collection,"


A trio of Les Paul custom guitars, at Hollywood Guitar Center.

Farewell to a true genius and innovator who changed the face of the music world.  He will be missed.

I’m gonna post a song today that most of you will not like (hate??), but it’s mostly a long guitar solo played on a Les Paul guitar.  The band is Chicago Transit Authority who later simply became Chicago. The guitar player is Terry Kath of whom Jimi Hendrix became a huge fan of.  He used no ‘wah’ or ‘fuzz’ pedals like Hendrix did, but plugged directly into the studio amplifiers.  They were sued by the City of Chicago for their name and changed it to Chicago.  This song was released in April 1969.  So, there is your musical history lesson for the week.  There will be a quiz later!!  LOL!!!

Have a GREAT Friday and weekend!!

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5 Responses to Les Paul | 1915-2009

  1. Joe says:

    I saw that he passed away. It saddens me on more than one level. The man who taught me to play guitar loved Les Paul guitars and he also passed away a few years ago…ouch. Bless you Bob have a good one.

  2. john says:

    Another person in my net posted a u-tube video of Les playing the guitar. Great music…

  3. Sue says:

    Hey, I don’t hate that solo! It’s a nice change from what you usually play—change is good! Loved the tribute to Les Paul and the pics are stupendous. I was going to do a thing on my blog about Les Paul, but you beat me to it—and you did it well! Right on, Bob!!

  4. Lisa R. says:

    This blog was just too cool Bob!! RIP Les Paul…….you will definately be missed!

  5. Fizz says:

    I actually have vinal of Chicago Transit Authority… that’s worth money these days! You’re right… they were sued by the city of Chicago… and they weren’t happy with the change to Chicago either, but theres nothing that could be done about that…

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