Knuckleball Pitchers

Yeah.. I know.  Too much Baseball!  But I had to add this one.
The Dodgers called up a kid (22) from the minors and he throws Knuckle Balls and this is his first game in the Major League.  His name is Charley Hager.
Now, unlike most pitchers, he doesn’t really work out that much.  His routine is to take an emery board and work on his fingernails.  You see, throwing a knuckle ball entails gripping it with your nails and as you throw, using your fingers to throw it.  There is no spin on the ball and it usually comes in at 70mph or less.  But the dang ball ‘dances’!!  Talk about a ‘Chinese Fire Drill’ at home plate!!  I LOVE it!!  LOL!!
The poor catcher has to use a really huge glove!  There used to be alot of them but the most famous was Hoyt Wilhem and Boston has one… Tim Wakefield.
But it’s so fun watching the batters jumping out of their shoes and the umpire ready to run for it!!  HAHAHA!!  Gotta love it!!  FUN!!!!!
Have a nice Tuesday!!!
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4 Responses to Knuckleball Pitchers

  1. john says:

    who was the dodger pitcher with the knuckle curve and there was a knuckler from brooklyn?

  2. Joe says:

    Baseball, baseball? What’s that? LOL! It’s always an education over here Bob!

  3. Sue says:

    Love it! Never too much baseball for me, Bob. Lately, in M’s league (the Juniors), kids have been throwing sliders (because they are allowed to, even though it will ruin your arm if you overdo), which are almost impossible to connect with. Amazing how many different kinds of pitches can be thrown, isn’t it??!!!

  4. sweeti's says:

    well Bob its ur way to be happy and get ur anger out..lolso why not???Njoy my friend..shake that ass of ursMJ

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