Good Day…… And the Roadwork Won’t Stop!!

Last Thursday my PC/Desktop went south on me.  I could get a wireless connection but when I tried to get on IE, came up and then I was booted.  Same with Spaces and Messenger. would not let me uninstall it.  I ran diagnostics, fixes and restores all weekend to no avail.
This morning I realized I had three options…. buy a new computer, take it somewhere to have it repaired or get tough with it.  I chose option #3.  I shut it down and booted up into ‘Safe Mode’ and then began running System Restores date by date.  It took 9 hours but I finally found the right restore date and now it works perfectly.  I immediately ran a virus scan (ZoneAlarm) and it found FOUR viruses, which it killed.  Not to worry peeps!  I have been on my laptop, which was clean.  Now, is gone.  Beware of that site!  Also beware of Windows Automatic Updates!  They always screw me up.  Better to get a good firewall, anti-virus and spam filter.  I use ZoneAlarm Security Suite now and it seems to be working well.
The road work in our little town continues.  I think that after 2 months, they are losing ground.  Today they broke a main sewer line!!  EWWWW!!!!  The smell still exists!  I finally was able to get some pics when they weren’t looking but you get the idea!
Note the guy in the water truck napping!!  LOL!!
Sorry about the picture quality but I was hiding behind a 7-11!!
Everyone here is ticked off and there’s a City Council Meeting tonight.  Wonder what the subject will be??
I think we are looking at two more months….
Now a Few Tid Bits!!
Caning Delayed Due to Holiday
The first women in Muslem-majority Maylasia to face caning for drinking beer was reprieved because of the holy month Ramadan.
Islamic officials had taken Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, a 32-year old mother of two, into custody and were driving her to a women’s prison for the caning when they abrubtly turned around and sent her back to her family home in northern Malaysia.
Enforcement officials of the Islamis Religious  Department arrested Kartika in a raid for drinking beer at at hotel lounge in in Cherating in Pahang state in December 2007.  She was sentenced to a rattan cane by the court but now it will be DELAYED  for compassionate reasons!!  WTH???  DELAYED????
Cocaine Hidden in Live Turkeys
Peruvian police, expecting to find a shipment  of cocaine hidden in a crate holding two live turkeys, were surprised to discover the drug surgicically implanted in the birds.
Acting on a tip, officers stopped a bus outside of San Martin.
Police were puzzled when they found the turkeys in the crate, but didn’t find the cocaine.  They then noticed that the two turkeys were bloated. 
A veterinarian extracted 11 oval-shaped plastic capules containing 4.2 pounds of cocaine from one turkey an 17 capsules with 6.4 from the other one.
Both turkeys survived!
WOW!!  What next??
Like my motto says, ‘God Is Great, Beer Is Good……  And People Are Crazy!!’  (Billy Currington)!
Hope your week is going well, and stay away from beer and turkey!!!
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4 Responses to Good Day…… And the Roadwork Won’t Stop!!

  1. Fizz says:

    Hey doodle… why are you hiding and taking pictures? I say get up close and personal… Do what I do… tell ’em you’re writing a blog about everyday workin’ folks. You might get a syndication and you’d like to take photo’s of them and the great job they’re doing… OR, put on a pair of overalls and a hard hat and start snapping photos & tell ’em you’re with the state just reviewing the progres… ;-)Ok, so that might be a stretch, but you get the idea, bob… Good heavens, I"m getting great a stretching the truth…Have a GREAT day…

  2. Sue says:

    I know how awful that smell can be—although when I smelled it, it was from a blue-green algae in our Lake (where our houseboat sits). Yes, it smells like raw sewage and is so thick on the surface of the lake that it looks like you could walk on it! The only way to get rid of it is to hose it and hope it sinks to the bottom. But, of course, the marina owners refuse to do anything about it, so our boat sits in a sea of nasty algae…Yes, why DO you have to hide to get those pics????

  3. BRIDGET says:

    Yikes…broken sewer line…that’s not good. I feel really bad for the people who actually live right there. And glad you got your computer back up and running. Sometimes they can be more of a hassle then they are worth, huh?

  4. Jude says:

    Bob!!! How ya doing??!!Sorry to hear about the computer probs – hope it’s all sorted out now! Same old, same old here, sad to say. heheheWe’ll have to get a chat going soon and catch up with each other, hey? Talk soon 🙂

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