Angels Clinch the West!!! WOOOO!!


Angels in control, even in celebration

I had another post planned and ready to go.  Tomorrow….

They won the West for the third year in a row, due in part to a manager who has kept the young team on a short leash. When they rejoiced, and remembered teammate Nick Adenhart, it was as a team.


Angel pitcher Jered Weaver, after hugging the photo of Nick Adenhart, who was killed by a drunk driver in April, holding Adenhart’s jersey. They keep his locker intact, hang his jersey in the dugout and bring it on road trips.

It was Nick’s first game in in the big leagues and he pitched 6 shutout innings for the win  He was 22 years old.

Jered Weaver and Nick Adenhart, (bottom right) were best friends….

Angels20091  Angels20098Angels200994

The champagne-and-beer showers, the ear-thumping hip-hop music and dancing, the victory cigars — all the trappings of a traditional division-winning celebration would have to wait.

Before the revelry came, a remembrance.
The Angels clinched their fifth American League West title in six years with an 11-0 romp over the Texas Rangers in Angel Stadium on Monday night, and after a huge group hug in the middle of the infield, players and coaches quickly retreated to the clubhouse.
But before any corks were popped, Manager Mike Scioscia spoke for several minutes about the fallen Angel, Nick Adenhart, the 22-year-old pitcher who was killed along with two friends in a car crash on April 9, just four days into the season.
"It was definitely very emotional," reliever Kevin Jepsen said. "It was Scioscia saying, ‘No matter what happens, everywhere we go, Nick is with us.’ He’s been with us the whole way, and he’s pulling for us. He was a part of this team. He can’t be here to celebrate with us, but he’s in our hearts."

The Angels got the party started, dousing each other with large quantities of booze, but Adenhart was again in the middle of it, a clubhouse attendant taking Adenhart’s No. 34 jersey around the room and players pouring beer and champagne on it.  Nick was killed by a drunk driver on his way home after the game.

Celebration at the wall… Nick’s wall!


 The Angels then jogged en masse to the center-field wall, where a picture of Adenhart in mid-pitching motion has been affixed since the tragic crash. Players bowed their heads, tapped Adenhart’s face, and some poured beer over his head.
"Nick Adenhart should be here celebrating with us," center fielder Torii Hunter said. "But the good Lord took him. Now, we’re just celebrating in his name. He’s a very important part of the team. We’re playing hard for him. Trust me, he’s here in spirit and in love."
The Angels have gotten used to such celebrations, having advanced to the playoffs in six of the last eight years and winning the World Series in 2002.

In the locker room

Angels20093 Angels20094

"They never get old," said pitcher John Lackey, the Game 7 winner in the 2002 World Series. "You’ve got to celebrate, for sure. We’ve been together since the middle of February, it’s been a long journey, and a lot of things didn’t go as planned."
For that reason, many Angels said, this celebration felt different.
"This one is special because we’re one short," pitcher Joe Saunders said of Adenhart. "We miss him. We wish he was here with us. This season is dedicated to him. We’re celebrating for him and for his family. We’re trying to win this thing for him."
Added Lackey: "He’s definitely in our thoughts. This is the first step of our goal. We’re going to take him all the way."

Got the fans good!  And they loved it!!

Angels20095 Angels20097

The next step is a likely AL division series rematch with the Boston Red Sox, who eliminated the Angels in the first round of the playoffs in 2004, 2007 and 2008 and need just one victory, or one more Texas loss, to clinch the AL wild card.
"They’re going to get a battle," Saunders said. "They’ve had our number in the postseason. We’ve got nothing to lose. We’re going to give them everything we’ve got, and hopefully, we’ll play until November."
The Angels achieved their first goal Monday night by crushing their closest pursuers in the division, throttling the Rangers with their bats and smothering them with their pitching and gloves.
Ervin Santana, who entered with a 7-6 career record and 6.67 earned-run average against Texas, threw a seven-hitter for his second shutout of the season, and the Angels racked up 12 hits, including three each by Bobby Abreu and Maicer Izturis.
Vladimir Guerrero hit a run-scoring double and Kendry Morales followed with a towering two-run home run to center field in the first inning, giving the first baseman 33 homers and 104 runs batted in on the season.
Erick Aybar hit an RBI fielder’s choice in the third, and Izturis keyed a three-run third with a two-run single.
Abreu tripled and scored in the fourth and hit an RBI double and scored on Hunter’s single during a three-run sixth.

Ervin Santana pitched a 9 inning, 7 hit shutout.

Angels20099  Angels20096 Angels200992

While the Rangers committed three errors that led to two unearned runs, the Angels sparkled defensively, turning three double plays, two of them started by Morales.
"Honestly, I think there were bigger powers looking down on us tonight," Saunders said. "Everything was going our way. Ervin pitched an outstanding game, we hit the ball everywhere. It was one of those nights where we weren’t going to be beaten."
The Angels have six more regular-season games to rest up and gear up for the playoffs. Considering how much they’ve struggled during a September in which they are 14-12 and averaging only 4.2 runs a game, it is important to gain some momentum going into the postseason.
The Angels won 100 games and clinched the division on Sept. 10 last season, but they did not peak in October and were ousted by the Red Sox in the division series.
"We’re going to try to bring [Adenhart’s] ring back home for him and give it to his parents," Hunter said. "But first, we’ve got to get past the first round."

Well, since the playoffs begin next week, there will be more baseball posts.

I’m sticking to my prediction from April.  Philadelphia Phillies  and Anaheim Angels in the World Series.  Let me hear your picks!!

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4 Responses to Angels Clinch the West!!! WOOOO!!

  1. Joe says:

    …and that’s baseball in sports news, Bob….signing off…goodnight…LOL!

  2. john says:

    Chalk it up to another catcher….Catchers make pretty good managers….and the x-blu blood is doing pretty good.One day they will deall with the drunks that want to drive…..I still like the lockout system… when enough say something then…

  3. J W says:

    Congrats on the Angels!! Now we need much harsher penalties for drunk drivers don’t you think? Absolutely no reason to legalize booze if our laws don’t maximize the penalty. Such a tragedy for this young athlete and his family, friends and teammates. Now I’m just hoping my Braves get a wild-card bid.J.W.L.

  4. CoCo says:

    Congrats to your team, Bob. … Braves fave way down here….

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