Critters plus Odds and Ends


I found these guys in my garage the other day!  They scattered when I approached.


Then I saw Mama lurking just out side!  BIG!!


Aren’t they cute??  Heck NO!!  So I reached for my ultimate critter killer.

Ta Da!!!

Rifle No, not that!!


Zapper 001

The Rat Zapper!!!  Like an electric chair for rats. 

Zapper 002

I simply add some dog food, turn it on  and the next morning, Bingo!!  Runs on batteries and no need to touch them.  Unfortunately, PETA decided that this device was more cruel than a traditional rat trap that snaps their neck.  However, you can still purchase these tings online at Amazon, Ebay, etc.  It really works!!


Read this very sad story today:

25 dogs die of smoke inhalation in Riverside

Two blazes strike within 12 hours at the same house, where firefighters had difficulty moving around because of boxes and furniture. Fourteen dogs died in the first blaze, 11 in the second.

Riverside firefighters responded twice within 12 hours to two separate blazes in a house packed with debris where more than two dozen dogs died of smoke inhalation, authorities said Wednesday.
In both blazes, which broke out Tuesday evening and early Wednesday morning, firefighters had difficulty entering the single-story home and moving around inside because it was jammed with furniture and boxes filled with clothes and other items.
"They were faced with pack-rat conditions," said Division Chief John Martinez of the Riverside Fire Department. "It was bulging at the seams with stuff."
The first blaze was reported Tuesday at 6:40 p.m. The fire was apparently sparked by a wiring problem with a fan in the bathroom, Martinez said. The flames damaged the attic and two bedrooms of the home in the 1800 block of Missouri Street near downtown Riverside.
While firefighters were mopping up the blaze, they found 14 dogs in cages in a bedroom, dead. "They were overcome by the smoke," Martinez said.
The second fire, a rekindling of the first blaze, broke out at 4:17 Wednesday morning. After knocking down the flames, firefighters discovered 11 more dogs dead from the smoke.
"They were huddled in a back room," Martinez said.
Two firefighters suffered minor eye injuries in the blazes.


Now for some better news…


I’m doing an Oktoberfest dinner this weekend!  How does this look??


Bratwurst, sauerkraut, German potato salad and caraway cheese!!  Can’t wait!!!

The weather has been perfect here!!  Watching baseball playoffs…. Go Phillies and Angels!!

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10 Responses to Critters plus Odds and Ends

  1. Joe says:

    Wow Bob, tempting fate by zaping your little furry visiters…the wrath of PETA…sounds like a Star Trek run off! We have mice here in our state and the worst is they can carry the haunta virus…don’t know if I spelled that right…point is it can kill you so it’s no laughing matter. Sad story about the dogs for sure. The food looks wonderful! Our weather is all about terrible cold and snow…sigh.

  2. Lori BJ says:

    Speaking of Dogs, Bob, Praying for your Buzz as he heads for surgery today…

  3. john says:

    full moon food time..a beer and a braut….life cann’t get any better….I prefer the .22 shorts for the vermin….they also carry plague….so hopefully the zapper zaps the fleas…. People and pets sometimes get all mixed up,,,,think they are helping when they are doing damage…..Have a good ball game….darn Rockies get beat by the phlly wee steaks.

  4. Jade says:

    Rats and Brats….((HUG)) for you & Buzz

  5. CAROL says:

    Wow.. I hate rats they carry disease! Hope you get rid rid of them!! As for the dogs that is just tragic and horrible! Prayers Buzz will be okay!! : )

  6. Babblelot says:

    Hope you zap those rats, yuk. Yer fest is missing the pork’n beans my friend and some schram torte.Have fun this weekend, prost!

  7. Sue says:

    Just be sure Bert and your dogs aren’t in the garage when you set up that thing. I hate even killing rodents. I’d rather use a nice coyote or bobcat urine to ward them off. I hear the scent isn’t that bad, but the smaller critters won’t come near if you use it. I think you can purchase it online. They SAY you can use it inside too, but haven’t checked that out. I recommend it to people who have mice-in-the-piano syndrome. You DON’T want a mouse to die in your piano—you can’t ever get the smell out.

  8. Fizz says:

    Electrocution is less humane than snapping their necks?? Well heck, use the glue traps next time… wait, I did that and they scream like nobodies business… the noise is a terrible racket. What I wanna know is, how come there are that many dogs in a house? Musta been the home of a hoarder…

  9. GreatGranny says:

    That mouse/rat zapper Is the best thing I’ve heard of yet. Glad the firemen only got minor eye injury when finding those poor dogs, sad thing. Looks like a great meal coming up this weekend.

  10. GreatGranny says:

    That mouse/rat zapper Is the best thing I’ve heard of yet. Glad the firemen only got minor eye injury when finding those poor dogs, sad thing. Looks like a great meal coming up this weekend.

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