A Rant and Other Things


I watched the Phillies take care of the Dodgers last night and I was thrilled.  Two big innings (7 walks, 3 wild pitches and 2 three-run homeruns) did them in.

But I have to say, Dodger fans are the least knowledgeable of any fans in baseball.  They boo whenever an opposing pitcher throws to first base to keep a runner close (It’s a baseball play for god’s sake!!) and they boo the opposing pitcher when he is removed from the game, no matter how well he pitched.  Dodger fans? A little less beer and beach balls on the field and a little more respect.  And while you’re at it, learn the rules!!!!

Phillies have the the roughest fans in baseball, even to their own players, but at least they know baseball.  Plus, they don’t show up in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th.

Rant over


My wife is spending the next 2 weeks (and probably lots of money) in Italy.  Party at my house this weekend!!!!  She brought the camera so I’m sure I’ll have lots of photos to post when she gets back.


Rat/Mouse Update!

I finally zapped one after three days but then I remembered the one step I forgot to do.  The trick is to bait the Rat Zapper but NOT turn it on for 3 days.  Let them get used to coming, eating and going.  And then, Surprise!!!  Hoping for better results this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, I hope you all have Good ones!!

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5 Responses to A Rant and Other Things

  1. Joe says:

    I look forward to the pics of Italy, I’m sure there will be some good stuff to see! Who knows, you might just win the Rat/Mouse war! Have a great weekend Bob!

  2. Dana says:

    Bob I miss your personal stories.. your dogs, your nutsy neighbor, your drunken neighbor, your photos of unwilling subjects. I get all the news and sports channels so give me some Bob news will ya?

  3. K says:

    I love baseball but some of the fans are true morons! Enjoy your two weeks! and good luck with the mice!!

  4. GreatGranny says:

    Looking forward to new Italy pics.

  5. john says:

    look out for the italian vermin….they get zapped in la dolce vita…to many go to the ball game because it the in thing to be at ah..for the days of a good rhubarb and dirt kicking///Do know the dodger first base man that brought hamburger to the staidum and went along the lines throwing raw hambuger at the fans?

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