Earning A Nobel

I’m not usually a very political guy but I do read two newspapers everyday and I have some comments to post about Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize.  They will begin tomorrow.  As for today??
Beautiful weather, quiet neighborhood and just kicking back.  I think my whacky neighbors must be napping!!  Just watching football, staring at the clouds float by and waiting for baseball game to start.  Also, cooking a Tri-Tip beef roast!!  Small one but enough for hot sandwiches tomorrow.
Most of my plants have been dying so I called the California Agricultural Dept.  They came out and determined that my plants had parasites, which have been rampant this year.  Bottom line is, I lost 30+ bonsai trees (all of them!), a dwarf Mandarin Orange tree, a Meyers lemon tree,a Bay Laurel tree and a bunch of herb plants.  Also a Rose bush.  They sprayed but I’m torn about starting new ones.  I have Bonsai seeds in the fridge and I can always collect cuttings but I might have to wait until these parasites are gone.  Plus, raising Bonsai from seed takes forever.  Maybe indoor Bonsai??  On the bright side, I have lots of empty pots and watering time is now way down.  Just not sure…  I have had most of those Bonsai for 15 years.  One was 70 years old!
Anyhow, I will begin the political stuff tomorrow and request your input.
Hope you had a Great weekend
Bye for now
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7 Responses to Earning A Nobel

  1. Dana says:

    Oh what a shame! I know they take so much time and attention and to lose them all in one fell swoop. That’s just horrid. The tri-tip sounds great, wish I lived closer! I’ve got carrot cake muffins in the oven from the carrots the kids dug out of the garden today. How’s your pooches and how are you doing?

  2. Adrian says:

    The weekend is / was great, thank you,..and a productive week ahead to you.Adrian

  3. Joe says:

    Geesh, that’s a hefty toll on your bonzai, I shudder to think of the cost of that…ouch! Oh goodie, you’re getting political tomorrow…you have fun with that now. I avoid that like the plague most of the time…or is that swine flu? LOL! Have a good one chief.

  4. john says:

    darn parasites showed for a lunch when they heard you were going political…..it’s that sense of entiltlement. A free lunch on your plants now that’s the pits. You’ll figure out something.

  5. Fizz says:

    Sorry about the plants… I had some real Irish Shamerocks broght from Ireland many, many years ago that died… I was heart broken. I dunno… I’ve become lazy lately, I wouldn’t replant… but maybe you like to do the rasing and watering…

  6. Twila says:

    Oh Bob, so sorry bout your Bonsai trees and other plants. That sux! Tri-tip? I’m there! That’s a fabulous cut of beef but we have to ask for it at the meat counter here. Don’t know why…since we in the middle of beef country. But it is oh so good!

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