Earning A Nobel Part 1 of 5

What should the president do to earn the prize?
Build a Legacy in America’s Backyard
Of all the regions in a dangerous world, forgotten Latin America might  offer Barack Obama the best opportunity to influence events so that the "hope for the future" embodied in his Nobel Peace Prize becomes a reality.

Building on his creative engagement with Latin America after the George W. Bush years of blindness and neglect, there is much the president can accomplish immediately. Lifting the senseless blockade against Cuba, followed by full diplomatic relations, would be a good beginning. Another sore spot is Honduras, where the United States has not done enough to isolate and punish the de facto government, which came to power through a coup against the country’s elected president. And Obama should rethink his approach to hemispheric security (canceling, for instance, Plan Colombia) as a way of defusing tensions in a Latin America threatened by a new arms race.

On another front, presidents Alvaro Uribe of Colombia and Felipe Calderon of Mexico, seconded by Brazil’s Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, have valiantly opened up a tentative conversation about the failed "war on drugs." If Obama were to encourage, and perhaps imitate, their efforts to decriminalize the use of marijuana, it would help alter an irrational policy that has generated a mafia of drug dealers across the Americas.

There are, of course, the real wars to win. Against poverty and tyranny, against ecological depredation and the marginalization of the indigenous peoples and their wisdom. The president, with his immense heart and his inspirational words, could be a fundamental partner in our quest for a better future.


A good starting point!

After the Phillies 11 to 0 trouncing of the Dodgers last night the playoffs are going well for me.  Now if only the Angels can pick things up.  They lost 2 close games in very cold weather but they play the next three in So Calif so we’ll see is some sunshine will warm up their bats.  The game is about to begin so See Ya!!
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One Response to Earning A Nobel Part 1 of 5

  1. Twila says:

    Good for the Phils! But since my Cubbies aren’t in it, I’m rooting for the Yanks! 🙂 My mother in law would be proud. By the way, I just wanted to tell you I was shocked that Barack got the Nobel Peace Prize. So far, I haven’t seen anything he’s done to be worthy of that lofty award. I always thought you had to DO something to earn it.

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