Not Leaving Spaces


First of all, thank you to all of you who commented today.  As I said, I was just frustrated about old friends leaving for Facebook without giving me a forwarding address.  Well, Spaces is my home and I know where my friends are….. HERE!!

OK, enough of that!

Here is the second of my Nobel Peace Prize posts.  I spent days composing them and dammit, I’m posting them!  LOL!!  Be sure to to check out the end!!  LOL!


Earning the Nobel Peace Prize  

Part 2 of 5

The No. 1 priority: Stop Iran

The president received the Nobel Peace Prize for his stated commitment to nuclear disarmament, and the most urgent place to begin is preventing an Iranian bomb.
That means keeping Iranian-American negotiations on a tight timetable and then, if negotiations falter, moving rapidly to significant economic sanctions. And if those fail, the president should sanction force — on the part of others if America can’t or won’t assume that responsibility itself.

The president’s hopes for solving the Arab-Israeli conflict depend in large part on stopping the Ahmadinejad bomb. If that effort fails, the Arab world’s jihadists will be empowered. No Palestinian leader, and for that matter no Arab leader, would likely defy the new regional power and dare normalize relations with Israel. As for the Israeli public, its willingness to concede territory has always depended on its confidence in the country’s ability to defend itself. A nuclear Iran would drastically reinforce Israelis’ existential fears.
A nuclear Iran, moreover, would trigger a Middle East nuclear arms race, destroying President Obama’s vision for disarmament.

Obama must prioritize his peace agenda. He must avoid the temptation of trying to immediately solve the Palestinian problem, which is, tragically, far from a solution. By all means, he must continue to press for mutual gestures of goodwill from Israel and the Arab world. But a realistic peacemaker needs to show far more urgency in stopping the imminent nuclearization of Iran.



I so wish I had my camera today, but it’s in Italy.  Let me describe…

Two young guys, loaded with tattoos, shirtless with shaved heads.  They each are walking a Pit Bull.  Of course, my little dogs go crazy!!

The thing is, the dogs have collars but not leashes!!  So these two morons are walking their dogs, bent over, holding them by the scruff of the neck!!  The dorks!!  I guess they couldn’t afford $4.00 each for leashes!!  Where is my camera when I need it??  Oh yeah….. Italy!!

Oh well, maybe they will be back!

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8 Responses to Not Leaving Spaces

  1. Kuskulana says:

    Making lasting peace in the middle east would be a good trick allright.Readership traffic on spcaes comes and goes, I get frustrated at times then get over it same as you.I sometimes only make a couple comments in a day so you’re one of them today!Like others I still look in from time to time.

  2. john says:

    Mexican skin heads?Obama is so arrogant and when it comes to international relations that arrogance trips him. I’ve had less hits this week then i usually get in a day. For blogging and BS’ing I prefer spaces. For goofing off there are sites like face an my space.I also cruise on RR sites.take care watch the doggies around the pit heads…need a chain, no leash.

  3. Grandma's says:

    Hey Bob….I’m still here. I would never leave my friends on Spaces…NEVER EVER!! I just get so busy at times I don’t always have time to make the rounds.I’ve noticed my visits from others have dwindled…but that’s likely my own fault for not leaving comments all the time.Yeah, I admit, I’m a Facebooker, too…but only because my kids and school friends are on there….and yes…some of the bloggers….for those of us that are time-strapped Facebook is an easy pop in pop out to say howdy….but certainly more impersonal that Spaces.You Take Good Care*Hugs*~Karin~

  4. Joe says:

    Heh, I knew we couldn’t get rid of you that easily speedo man! I had to crack up at the thought of those guys with hundreds of dollars in tattoos yet no leash for their dogs! Good Lord, I thought stuff like that only happened around here! Taker ‘er easy buddy, it’s only mid-week after all…lots of time to catch some loonies on film!

  5. Fizz says:

    Thank goodness… I was worried…I’m a huge Obama fan, but even I scratched my head when he won the Peace prize… but if he does make progress with the middle east and open communication and improve relations with other countries… I’m all for it. I’m also all for what he’s been doing to try to help the economy…Have a good one!

  6. CAROL says:

    Glad Bob you are still around. I have noticed that visitors are down and so are comments these days. So many are so busy getting ready for the winter to come or just with school things . I have had trouble at MSN for days now.. hope that is over. I left facebook a long time ago and am a die hard SPACER!! Take care and stay well : )

  7. Lisa R. says:

    I am still her Bob……..and on Facebook! I try to keep up with both!

  8. Kat says:

    I gave a homeless lady on my commute home 10 dollars. I shall expect my nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize for helping to cure hunger next time around, mmK?To summarize:A persons good wishes and attempt to fix a problem is not Nobel Peace worthy. While I’m sure Obama is a "nice" guy. I do not believe he has done anything worth receiving a Nobel Peace prize for.Sorry–Bob-a-roo. You see why I don’t comment on politics?? :D*hugsss* I’m glad you aren’t leaving 🙂

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