The Phillies Crushed the Dodgers!

The Dodgers Never had a Chance.

The Dodgers opened the first inning with a home run but that was the only lead they had.  The Phillies came back with 3 runs in the bottom of the first and that was it!!  Dodgers hit solo home runs while the Phils hit 2 or 3 run homers!  Final score, 10 to 4 Phillies. (10 – 4 as in Over and Out!!

As for the Angels, they are down 3 games to 1 against the Yankees so, except for a miracle, they are done.  So much for a freeway series.  One game here and two in New York…  Good luck!  But wait!  In 2004 the Yankees  were up 3 games to zero to the Boston Red Sox and New York lost 4 in a row and the Sox ended up winning up winning the World Series.  You never know.  Three games left and both teams need 27 outs each game.

But it still looks like Phillies and Yankees in the World Series and I’m sure that the Yankees will be favored.  But let me just say, the Phillies can stand toe to toe with the Yankees!!  It should be a great series!!

Now, a short rant!  The Yankees will have home field advantage in the world series even though the Phillies have a better record!  Why??  Because the American League won the All-Star game!  What??  What does that have to do with anything??  The commissioner, Bud Selig, is the worst!!  Let’s count the reasons why:

1. He refuses to allow instant replay except for home runs, even though the umpires blew 4 calls in the Angels/Yankees game on Tuesday night.

2. Rather than use the best umpires in the playoffs, he wants to use all of them… even the bad ones.

3. He was elected commissioner 4 years ago even though he owned a team!  Can you say ‘conflict of interest?

4. His steroid policy is worthless.  It took Congress to try to straighten things out.

5. He called off an All-Star game because one team ran out of pitchers!  Another 4 hours I’ll never get back!

Rant over!

Anyhow, Angels/Yankees series looks ugly but we will see.  Just glad that the Phillies made it!


Dither or Blather?

It took President George W. Bush a number of years to put us in the difficult global position we now face. And, of course, everyone wants to conveniently blame this entire mess on President Obama by asserting that by now the president should have all of his global chess pieces in place.

By this logic, people seem to think that the president, in less than one year in office, should fully understand all of the nuances of each world leader he deals with, and in turn, they should acquiesce to any pressure he should want to exert.

This ignorance and arrogance is what has stymied recent American foreign policy goals; the rest of the world has come to resent such strident hubris.  Give him time.

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6 Responses to The Phillies Crushed the Dodgers!

  1. john says:

    mistake….presidents have very little to do with world policy….look at the diplomatic corp. Oh yeah…Bush fully briefed hussien obama after he was elected….really look at hussien’s czars for the problem….

  2. john says:

    Yeah….go Phillies yeas yea…blow da yanks up

  3. Joe says:

    The Phillies looking to make a little history again it sounds like…how about that? I don’t think I agree with you on your assesment of the international situation. I think it has far less to do with the president then it does agendas that are in play. I don’t think a lot has really changed when you look at things under the surface. I believe that John is right. I always get this sense that something much larger than what we think is going on…it’s a huge global power play that has swallowed bigger empires than this country whole before. I try not to be dazzled by the front man in the oval office…anymore I believe the guy in the oval office is pretty much the pitchman while the men actually making policy remain quite safe…frankly I think the guys in true power don’t really change when another administration is elected. I think it’s dangerous to be destracted by the president…that stuff is smoke and mirrors…it’s a show…you have to look at what is actually in policy not at the messenger alone and decide from there.

  4. Grandpa Dewey says:

    I do hope that the Phillies go all the way, it has been a long dry spell ( I think) I really don’t follow baseball as much as I once did.To me the person in the oval office is nothing more than a yes and no person, congress and others really run the show, always has and always well. The president just catches all the crap.

  5. Sue says:

    Yeah Phillies! I hope they play against the Yanks, cause I’ll really cheer hard for the Phillies then. I wanted the Angels to beat the Yanks because they are the underdog and haven’t won a division title forever. Should be a good World Series this year! Yes, the Prez is taking the heat again. Things can’t change overnight—but at least he is seen in favorable eyes by those outside the US, so change IS possible. I have great confidence in this Prez (even though he IS a democrat) to do the right thing. But let’s give him a chance…

  6. john says:

    Tha halos almost blew it 6 runs in one inning….whoa… pitching is so critical in poat season…

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