My Neighbor Rod


Ahh Yes!!  My neighbor Rod.  The patriarch of the neighborhood.  Right…….!  lol!  He is the dad of redneck #2 (you remember him…  40 years old and rides a ‘Hello Kitty’ bike.  This family lives right across the street from me so I can’t help but see them every day.  I’ve witnessed all of their fistfights and every idiosyncrasy he has.  Sorry……. but with a huge picture window, it’s hard not to watch.  They are really nice people and great neighbors but here are a few things that I’ve observed:

1. One day, years ago, I saw smoke pouring out of the back of his house.  I raced over and there he was, in his outdoor shower!!  YIKES!!  It was steam!!  Now I want one!!

2.  Whenever a car comes down the street going a little faster than he would like, he comes racing out and yells and flips off the driver.  Sometimes they come back and confront him.  I have intervened a few times.

3. Rod is a retired Air Force Colonel and recently he rang my doorbell and asked me why my flag wasn’t flying.  I asked him what day it it was and he glared at me and told me it was Air Force Day!! (There’s an Air Force Day??).  So I put my flag up.  Last week I put up my flag and knocked on his door and asked why his flag wasn’t flying!  He cursed at me and wanted to know what day it was.  I told him Coast Guard Day!!  LOL!!  15 minutes later his flag was up!!  Next up, Brownie Scout Day!!

4.  One day I watched as he borrowed ‘Hello Kitty’ for a ride around the block and after going 10 feet, fell over into his Ivy and his sweet wife Mary had to help him up. 

5.  He takes a walk everyday (Good for him!) and carries this goofy-looking cane with him.  The tip of that cane has NEVER touched the ground but as he arrives at his house, he always tries to twirl it.  Drops it every time.

6.  Whenever our Vietnamese neighbors throw a BBQ or party and the guests begin to arrive, he runs (runs??) out and places orange cones on the street in front of his house.  Isn’t that illegal??  After all, he has one car and a driveway.  When one of the guests complained, Rod flipped him off!  Typical Rod!!

But he is a good friend and they are great neighbors.  He’s just too entertaining!!


Soupy Sales add on…

Like many others , I grew up with his wonderful brand of humor. Soupy used to post his menu so we could have lunch with him every day. I know it drove my mom crazy, but as kids it was important to have whatever he was having.
I wanted my name to show up one day on Willie the Worm’s birthday greetings, but it never happened.
Clips from his old shows on YouTube are a treasure and a great reminder of what a terrific entertainer he was.


And Finally……

Exhibition Game?  No, Exhibitionists!

An Idaho hockey team was suspended from a city ice rink after players engaged in a game of “strip hockey” – shedding a piece of uniform every time a practice shot missed it’s mark.

As redress for last Wednesday’s incident, Boise banished the Idaho Junior Steelheads team from Idaho Ice World for four days.

One 17 year-old player who shed his underwear was suspended until next week. Police are investigating whether public decency laws were violated.

An adult whose daughter was on an adjacent rink called a city hotline to complained.

The shootout drill went like this.  If they missed a shot, they had to take off a glove.  If they missed another, they had to take off another glove. And so on, and so forth.

That’s all I have for today.  Ready for the Phillies/Yankees World Series!!!

Go Phillies!!!  Blog Photos

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6 Responses to My Neighbor Rod

  1. Joe says:

    Don’t you know what day it is?!? It’s wear your speedos on the outside of your jeans and ride your hello kitty bicycle day! LOL, see if that works! If it does I’d better see some pictures and/or full motion video!

  2. CAROL says:

    Oh my there are so many holidays he could just leave the darn flag up there! HAH! I love your neighbor he is very entertaining and someone we would really get a kick out of. GO YANKEES!! Sorry bout that.. East Coaster here.. LOL Take care and stay well : )

  3. Sue says:

    HA! The Phillies tromped the Yankees! Loved all those home runs! I could hear you cheering from my living room couch! Go Phillies! Love the story of the "flag flying" from neighbor Rod. He’s quite a character! Wish we had such interesting neighbors. I guess I should be glad they’re not BAD ones…

  4. Dana says:

    You blog is so hilarious! I just love your funny neighbor antics. Go Phillies!! I was happy to see them win! Your neighbors are so eccentric! I wish I had neighbors like that, I just have the trees. The pom dog (the barker) barked at every freakin leaf falling off the tree. WE LIVE IN A FORMER TREE FARM! haha hello kitty bike, I’m still laughing.

  5. Jade says:

    LOL! really, I would just leave the flag up :Dgood luck with the Phillies!

  6. GreatGranny says:

    Life isn’t boring for you, Bob….with your funny neighbors and your dogs. I loved the story about Bonnie falling from the couch. I got the red message that I couldn’t comment. Maybe this’ll take,

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