It’s Bonnie Again!


The nice dog.  These guys I live with are  %&*$#*@ morons!!  And as for mom, I put up with her.  Last night she left out almost a full bag of Peanut M&M’s and of course girls, you know how much we love chocolate!!  But I think I ate WAY too much!!  I barfed on the carpet (I never do it on the tile floor) and when Dad came out at 6:30 am he was slapping his forehead for some reason.  I guess he was proud of me!

Anyhow, my friends, I’m OK!!  I didn’t have time to digest before I puked!  Dad thought it was baked beans! But he found out fast that it wasn’t!!  I have to hide the empty bag better next time.  Keep them guessing!!

Now, that new ball!!  Bonnie's New Ball 

It’s my new best friend!!  My brothers are on their own.  I have two of these balls and DON’T like to share!  I’m the princess so they are MINE!!  Dad took me on a walk today and of course, the ball went with me.  Even when I’m napping, it stays close.

Bonnie's New Ball

Now if only Dad would  &*%$#+@ open the new bag of Pig Ears.  It better happen soon or next time I’ll vomit on his pillow!!!  Won’t be the first time!

Those guys who mow MY yard are coming today so I need to rest up.  Ankle biting is hard work!

Well Dad’s friends, until next time, have a good weekend!  Arf! Arf!

Bonnie  Bonnie's New Ball 001

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7 Responses to It’s Bonnie Again!

  1. Joe says:

    I remember when my dog at the time got into some chocolate chip cookies…that vomit pool was something that will live on in my nightmares! Glad everything worked out okay…betcha enjoyed cleaning up the mess…..I hear that speedos aren’t very absorbant…don’t even try to clean it up with those!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Hahahahaha!Good job Bonnie girl! Next time target the shoes of Daddy or Mummy!!!I have a little dog just like you at my parents. He thinks he is a big tough guy…. and believe me he is! In fact he is the master of the house and even the Collie named Rex, does not seem to scare BouBoule.Way to go Bonnie,A huge hug to Daddy and Mummy and a big kiss for you and your bros.Take care,Isa

  3. Lori BJ says:

    AHhh Bonnie Lass… you did earn that upchuck… sometimes the temptation is so bad that the resistence is futile… chocolate is the #1 irresistable .. yes – us girls love chocolate… I do hope you enjoyed it as it went down – but when it comes up… now that is painful, nasty and such a waste – at least you got to taste it… you did taste it – right???

  4. john says:

    dogs are amazing, love to scarf it up then late it all comes back out. gotta find a barf bowl and get em trained.

  5. GreatGranny says:

    Bonnie, I’m sure glad you’re ok. Mama keeps her chocolate hidden from me cuz she says cats can’t eat chocolate. That’s a nice ball Dad bought you so be good to him and don’t be barfing on his pillow…lol Your friend, Kassey

  6. Sue says:

    I’m not convinced that chocolate is as fatal to dogs as they would have us believe. My old dog, a Chow/Spaniel cross, decided to consume a solid one pound chocolate Easter bunny in one sitting one year. When I discovered the empty package, I confess, I was almost hoping it would kill her – see, it was my chocolate bunny, and everyone knows not to mess with my chocolate – well, everyone except the dog, apparently. But the stupid beastie suffered not one single ill effect – no barfing, no runny poop, not even stinky toots! I learned to keep my chocolate well away from her after that!Until the following Christmas, when I received a wrapped gift from a friend. Not knowing what it was, I placed it under my tree. The dog knew what it was. A box of chocolates, which she unwrapped, opened, and ate one night while I was sound asleep. Again, no ill effects…..sigh.

  7. Sue says:

    Shame on you, Bonnie, for getting into the chocolate! You’re lucky you got rid of it so soon. I know how you must cherish your new ball—it’s a beaut! My Nikki used to sleep with her ball still in her mouth! Enjoy it before you lose it…

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