Don’t Listen to Bonnie!


This is Buzz, the handsome dog…See?

Bonnie's New Ball 001

Baxter and I don’t give a bark what she eats.  She never shares anyway but I had to laugh when I saw her losing it on the rug!  Poor Dad!!  It was 6:00 am and he almost added to it!  Besides, I’ve seen her eat her own poo!!  Ewwww!!  How could she?  She thinks she’s so tough, chasing cats, rabbits and squirrels but show her a cricket and she hides!  What’s with that?

Anyhow, ‘The Ball’!!  Dad brought home one for each of us (I still don’t understand how he can leave and yet always find his way back here!), and Bonnie took all three of them and wouldn’t share.  I finally got one of them but poor Baxter never got a whiff of one.  Maybe he’s the smart one because she slobbers on them.

Bonnie's New Ball 003

But all in all, we are good friends and do our best to protect the house.  Teamwork!!!

Beware!!! Guard Dogs!!

Well, most of us do…

Blog Photos 001 Blog Photos 002 Blog Photos 003

Well, Dad wants to use the Innertube or whatever it’s called and my nose has made a mess of his keyboard.  I wish I could type without having to use my nose.  I think I’ll take a nap.

Bonnie's New Ball 002

Bye for now!  Woof!!  Woof!!

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5 Responses to Don’t Listen to Bonnie!

  1. Joe says:

    Bob I have to say I think you’re the only dog own there does this, you might say you’re unique in an already unique world…and….you’ve got a speedo! Well, that’s now an urban legend so it doesn’t matter if you do or not LOL!

  2. GreatGranny says:

    Buzz, you have me laughing here. My mama keeps her chocolates in that big box in the kitchen. I see you finally got your pretty ball and you should hide it so Bonnie can’t find it. This is your friend, Kassey

  3. Sue says:

    Buzz, you’re just too darn sweet! Glad you finally got your ball away from you-know-who. Nikki sends a big woof to you!

  4. Jade says:

    Love you all!! ((HUGS)))

  5. Isabelle says:

    Woof Woof!!How you doing?Hey I cannot understand how I don’t get your updates!!!!Weird MSN is acting up again?? If I did not find my way here I would never have noticed your blogs.Well. sounds like Bonnie is giving you guys a hard time! Ha! She is a girl after all. Hihihih!!Hugs to you all

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